Why direct mail is even more relevant in uncertain times

Healthy Strategy 5 Direct Mail Delivers Comfort

How do your sales and engagement numbers look these days?

If you sell hand sanitizer, deliver groceries or host online meetings, you’re probably just fine, and we’re genuinely happy for you.

But what if your brand isn’t thriving right now? Here’s a ray of hope. Engagement will rise if you align your message with human hopes and needs, using techniques that have been proven over and over again to engage the senses and the mind.

But before we get into specific tactics, let’s review what we know about consumer behavior right now.

Realities of the current climate

Here are findings from First Insight, a consumer research firm.

  • Around 30% of all consumers have cut back on visits to brick-and-mortar locations. More than 20% confirm they’ve shifted to online shopping to find what they need.
  • Nearly 30% say they’re spending less right now, with men more likely to change spending patterns (32%) than women (25%).
  • Age matters. Almost 50% of Millennial and Gen Z shoppers say they’ve changed the way they make buying decisions, as compared to just 33% of baby boomers and 42% of Gen X’ers.
  • More than 30% of men and 20% of women are working in different settings than they were just a few weeks ago, which affects buying patterns, too.

Yet amid massive change, many things stay the same

As the favorite movie anthem affirms, the fundamentals still apply as time goes by.

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are still coming. Birthdays are happening, though they’re celebrated in novel ways. Weddings may be postponed, but couples have more time than ever to make plans.

People still need exciting things to look forward to. (In fact, making future plans may feel more important than ever.) We still love looking good, even if people only see us on Zoom or FaceTime. We care as much (or more) about wellness, money management, home décor, hobbies and creature comforts.

If you’re responding any of these human desires and motivations, you’re on the right track. Now let’s talk about aligning your marketing spend with where customers are literally living right now.

Hey, what came in the mail today?

While there’s been some resistance to shelter-in-place orders, the truth is that most of us are home nearly 24/7. This makes getting the mail a daily source of pleasure and novelty.

Have you read the research that reveals why print has a natural advantage in engaging consumers? Let us catch you up.

  • Neuromarketing studies show that the color, texture and even scent of printed messages make them uniquely appealing.
  • Photos look better, richer and more detailed in print, especially when you work with a printer using the latest technology.
  • Consumers love having all the facts. Product descriptions are easier to absorb and remember in print than on-screen.
  • People take mail pieces with them when they shop online.
  • Print retargeting pairs perfectly with mobile and web signals to reinforce marketing messages and close sales.

How can we make print work harder for your brand?

American Litho is a widely recognized leader in direct mail, ranked in Printing Impressions’ prestigious Top 400. We are ready to help you deliver comfort, inspiration and hope to hundreds of millions of mailboxes across the country. In fact, we shipped nearly 1 billion mail pieces in 2019 alone. Only a company with fully integrated capabilities and the best print technology can handle volumes like this while delivering real ROI for clients.

We can show you how to:

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