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What our valued vendors are saying

We take pride in developing strategic vendor relationships. We are a firm believer in demanding great results and recognizing excellence when it’s delivered.

Thanks again for letting us be a part of American Litho University, it was such a great event!  ALitho does a phenomenal job hosting educational events like these and the professional yet relaxed manner of the meeting makes the atmosphere a great one for learning and information sharing.  It is very easy to see why these customers committed to new business before leaving the building.

Thanks again and congratulations on the new business!

Kevin Grobe
Verso Corporation

American Litho would like to welcome ID Commerce as a valued vendor. ID Commerce is a strategic partner and we would like to recognize them as a premier business process outsourcer, specializing in product fulfillment, promotional fulfillment and enterprise solutions. As a trusted partner of many Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and other leading organizations, they demonstrate competencies in effective integration of all operational channels for maximum return and efficiency.

Thank you Dan Arriola, looking forward to a great year ahead!

iD Commerce + Logistics

In-Line Finishing Solutions and Equipment

Dear Chris Joyaux,

Please accept this letter as my personal and professional endorsement of American Litho as an outstanding business customer to both In-Line Finishing Solutions and In-Line Finishing Equipment, it’s my pleasure to serve you.

A dedication to quality is the cornerstone of your ‘MVP’ status with In-Line Finishing Solutions and Equipment. Since my earliest involvement with Chris Joyaux, Todd Tomasek, Dave Deschryver, and Ed Kubilius, I have found your company to be world-class in so many ways. Dave and Todd are intelligent buyers and they have always been mindful of quality and price, in addition to being fair, courteous, and above all, professional in every respect.

American Litho’s partnership with In-Line Finishing Solutions and Equipment is exemplary of the model to which we would like all of our customers to aspire.

Very Truly Yours,

Scott Goldstein. President, In-Line Finishing Solutions


Dear Todd Tomasek,

Please accept this letter as my personal and professional endorsement of American Litho as a valued and outstanding business partner to “GrafSolve”.

A dedication to continued process improvement and evolution with technology has placed American Litho in an elite position in the market place, and a top priority client for GrafSolve.

It has been my pleasure to serve you for the past 11 years. In addition to being professional, fair and courteous, you have given me the direction I need to successfully manage my relationship with American Litho from your front office through your plant and with your shipping and receiving departments.

Working with Ed Kubilius, on your behalf, has been an extreme pleasure. Ed is quality minded, possesses great communication skills and has an excellent eye for detail.

American Litho’s partnership with GrafSolve represents the model of excellence to which we would like to experience with all our customers.

Thank you for the continued support and friendship of these past 11 years.

I stand ready to meet all challenges to continue to move our companies forward as the “most desired” suppliers in our industry.


Thomas Abplanalp, Technical Sales Representative, GrafSolve

Palmer Packaging

Dear Mike Fontana and Chris Joyaux,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for being an excellent customer to Palmer Packaging, Inc.

For the past 15 plus years we have always valued American Litho as a great customer. Over the past 8 plus years I have taken the lead as the account representative. During that time our business relationship has blossomed. Therefore I would like to personally and professionally endorse American Litho as an outstanding business customer to Palmer Packaging, Inc. It has been a pleasure to work with Roy in purchasing. It is clear to me that he is a dedicated and loyal employee of American Litho. He has always shown to be knowledgeable, courteous, and professional in every aspect.  I appreciate the business and partnership Palmer Packaging, Inc. and American Litho have created. Palmer Packaging, Inc. strives to develop more partnerships with more customers, we can only hope those relationships are as successful as the one we have with American Litho. Palmer Packaging, Inc. looks forward to many more years of continued success and growth with American Litho.

Thank you, Steve LaFrenier

Palmer Packaging Inc.

WCJ Pilgrim Wire

It has been a pleasure to work with American Litho over the last decade and would like to use this letter as our recommendation for your fine company. We have been honored to be associated with American Litho as a supplier and value being a partner during these years. WCJ Pilgrim Wire has had the greatest honor to work directly with Roy Pfaender and Ted Mackowiak and only have the highest regard for these two individuals as well as American Litho as a whole.

We look forward to many more years of continued success and collaboration.

Sincerely, Kristopher Shaw, Sales Manager
WCJ Pilgrim Wire

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