Coatings and Special Printing Effects

Printing effects that delight the senses.

At American Litho, we’re always looking for new ways to elevate your brand and strengthen customer engagement. We’ve expanded our in-line printing capabilities with the latest coating and specialty printing effects to add multi-sensory excitement to your direct marketing, packaging and other printed materials.

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Variable universal UV coaters make it easier than ever for us to add brilliant effects to postcards, flyers and other materials. UV coating adds durability and rich quality with matte and gloss effects to enhance your message.

Miracle Effects: the ultimate creative tool in printing.

Our new Miracle Effects expands your creative toolbox with an exciting range of finishes that can be combined for fabulous results. Miracle Effects can be applied to full panels or tightly registered to highlight image and text details.

Here are some of our most popular special effects:

Miracle Glitter – Add luminous sparkle to any design. Use with textured finishes or specially engineered UV gloss coating for unique effects in any color, shape or dimension.

Miracle Scent – Unlock the aromatic essence of fragrance for personal care products, food and beverage promotions. When the sampling area is brushed, the invisible fragrance is released, delivering a full sensory experience with a high-quality rendition of any aroma.

Miracle Dull – A new coated finish between gloss and matte that delivers a subtle, alluring sheen without the shine.

Miracle Glow-in-the-Dark – A unique option that literally lights up your design with glowing laminate laid over virtually any color.

Miracle Texture – A high-viscosity UV coating applied in heavy patterns gives a rich dimensional profile similar to mechanical embossing. Imagine adding raindrops to a window, metallic sheen to a vase or texture to a leather jacket – all without leaving an impression on the back side of the sheet.

Miracle Soft Touch – This effect makes any image warm and inviting. Add a rich, textured look with the feeling of velvet or silk.

Miracle Scratch-Off – High opacity scratch-off technique for contests, drawings and more. Engage your audience with cash and other incentives.

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