Sustainable Printing Solutions

Eco-friendly principles at the core of our work.

At American Litho, we believe the health of our planet is everyone’s responsibility. We have aligned our production processes with the good of the natural environment.

Protecting our forests

Our responsible paper sourcing practices have earned us the Forest Stewardship Council’s Chain-of-Custody Certification. This guarantees that goods printed on virtually all of our house stocks come from well-managed forests that conform to strict environmental and socioeconomic guidelines. Together with you and our paper suppliers, we are helping to ensure the health of the world’s forests for future generations.

Printing practices that safeguard the environment

Recycling – We recycle anything and everything — from paper, plastics, metals, wood, pallets, blanket wash, solvents, light bulbs and toner cartridges to batteries. Our overhead chip removal system moves all excess paper to our recycling area to ensure we’re getting every bit into the recycling stream. Waste reduction practices that greatly reduce make-ready sheets are another example of resource conservation on our production floor.

Clean air – ALitho’s production floor uses a thermo-electron air purification system to remove gases emitted by our ink dryers, assuring that 99% of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are captured. In fact, we exceed the California’s Clean Air Act regulations, the strictest air quality standards in the nation.

Water purification– Our water tank purification system is large enough to serve a small city. It utilizes reverse-osmosis technology to remove all minerals and impurities from our water, which ensures all our fountain solutions are pure and 100% phosphate-free.

Environmentally friendly, vegetable-based inks – Made mainly from soy, we use these inks to produce bright, high-quality images. Our soy inks allow your printed goods to display the “Printed with Soy” mark from the American Soybean Association – a great way to show your brand’s concern for the environment.

Ink super bins – We order our ink in bulk to reduce the environmental impact of ink deliveries. Since 2001, nearly 350 tankers of ink have been unloaded at our facility – the equivalent of 800+ deliveries of ink in conventional totes, eliminating the need for 500 additional truck deliveries.

Biodegradable packing materials – We use these in place of annoying, environmentally damaging materials such as petroleum-based “peanuts.”

Water-based aqueous coatings – An eco-friendly alternative, these coatings add a high-gloss sheen to your printed materials while deterring dirt and fingerprints.

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