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Leverage your lists for engagement and growth.

If knowledge is power, then customer data is rocket fuel when it comes to building your brand with direct marketing.

Complete list management services.

At American Litho, we see your data as a key competitive asset that should never be placed at risk. So we’ve brought every data management capability you need together in one place, linking it with the exceptional skills of our IT team for maximum security, accuracy and results.

Our data team will cleanse and prepare your data with meticulous care. Sorting strategies that put your mailing deeper into the postal stream begin here, too – leading the process that moves your campaign seamlessly from data to imprinting to logistics and out the door sooner.

Advanced analytics for a stronger direct marketing strategy.

Amerilytics, our proprietary data analytics suite, uses your current data to reveal strengths and weaknesses in your current mailing strategy and find new opportunities. Using it, we can build a detailed profile of your best customers based on multiple key data points. Then, tapping the power of bigger data, we can pinpoint geographic areas filled with similar prospects and rich sales potential.


ALitho data experts showed an international arts organization how to draw local audiences with greater precision. Amerilytics pinpointed the top-performing zip codes in the group’s current mailing plan. Going beyond household income, we added factors such as age, ethnicity, and home ownership factors to see what current ticket buyers had in common and how far they would drive to see a performance. The resulting data map showed which zip codes to eliminate and which to tap for stronger response.


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