Data & Analytics

Advanced data strategies to engage new customers and grow sales.

What you already know about your best customers can propel your brand to the next level of success. The in-house data team at American Litho will not only optimize data for your mailing and omnichannel campaigns, but also show you how to mine existing data for pivotal insights that will fuel sales and deepen customer engagement.

The utmost commitment to data security.

At American Litho, we see your data as an invaluable asset that should never be placed at risk. Our data management and IT experts work as a single coordinated team to assure the security of the records you entrust to us. Our team will cleanse, verify and organize your customer data with meticulous care. Sorting strategies that put your mailings deeper into the postal stream begin here, too – leading the process that moves your campaign seamlessly from data to imprinting to logistics and out the door faster. For digital campaigns, our proprietary Smart Zones IP technology enables us to smoothly on-board offline customer data, matching mailing addresses precisely with ISP delivery points for maximum deliver-ability of digital messages.

Advanced data analytics for powerful customer response.

Amerilytics, our proprietary data analytics suite, uses current customer data to reveal strengths and weaknesses in your direct marketing strategy. Utilizing predictive modeling techniques, we will create detailed profiles of your ideal customers and show you how to reach them at exactly the right time with the most appealing offers.


An online clothing retailer sought American Litho’s expertise in accelerating sales and subscriber sign-ups. Our Amerilytics team crafted a predictive model using hundreds of data points, then tapped into the nationwide mailing database to construct all-new lists of potential customers. A test mailing to 1.1 million prospects produced a 17% lift in response rates. A second mailing to 2.2 million prospects — tightly focused on those who most closely matched our predictive model – produced an amazing 82% lift in customer response. Cost per acquisition dropped 75%, and with the average sale per new subscriber at $200, the sales potential for the second mailing alone equaled $2.2 million.

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