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About Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing is a highly targeted, cost-effective way to spread awareness, delivering a physical message directly to customers’ mailboxes. By utilizing format optimization, businesses can enhance the effectiveness of their direct mail strategy.  All that your direct mail strategy needs is a well-optimized format that indicates the sender’s identity or business. It is an established form of marketing that has been used for decades and continues to be effective in the digital age.
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Why Do You Need Direct Mail Marketing Services?

Direct mail is the most cost-effective form of advertising not withstanding advances in digital technology. Direct mail marketing remains the most responsive and effective form of advertising delivering the largest return on investment.Direct mail tends to have a higher ROI than both paid search and online display ads. Its Mail response rate  is 5.3% higher compared to 0.6% of emails. Smart brands continue to use well-designed direct mail letters, postcards and brochures to get timely messaging into the hands of customers. Let’s explore the benefits of direct mail marketing and learn how to effectively leverage it as part of your marketing mix to drive brand awareness and business success.

Benefits of Direct Mail Services

Direct mail is a great form of communication because it enables person-to-person conversation. Even though there are multiple marketing channels online, direct mail stands out for its great open rates, which are around 80%. This channel of communication is not limited in time or format or space. Some benefits of direct mail services include:

Great Response Rates

Direct mail has always proven its efficiency. These techniques are widely been used for a long time, it’s successful campaigns prove their potential.

It tends to bring greater response rates compared to the email response rate. 

Precise Targeting

Direct mail marketing has great targeting options. You can adjust the message for a specific customer or audience

The customers only receive an offer that sounds relevant to them & that meets their needs and purchasing habits.


Direct mail campaigns are cost-effective. You can create the campaigns effortlessly – without breaking your budget. 

And when you send mass mail, executions of campaigns become even more affordable.

Highly Personalize

Each letter can contain personalized information. With the database of their previous purchase history purchases, you can easily analyze the customer needs and craft a message specifically tailored to them.

How American Litho Can Benefit Your Business?

  • With our proven track record and years of experience in the industry, you will rest assured that you’re dealing with direct mail experts. 
  • We, as a direct mail marketing company, help you reach your ideal customers directly to their homes, leading to higher response rates and better ROI
  • We make every person feel valued. Know what to write and when to send, and track the success of your direct mail campaign with analytics. We use these insights to refine further marketing strategies. 
  • From writing to postage, we handle the entire process, so you can focus on your core business and track increased revenue.
  •  Whether you are running a small business or a large business, we have the capacity to handle direct mail projects of any size and scale

Our Direct Mail Marketing Solutions

We help you take direct mail to a whole new level. Whether you need help sending mail of subscriptions and invoices, launching direct mail campaigns, printing envelopes, or accessing the right customer database for your target market, you have come to the right place!  We have scalable resources and foresight to manage all your mailing needs. Here are our 4 direct mail marketing solutions that we have offered to our client.

Bulk Mail Marketing Services

We offer comprehensive direct mail services in USA to plan, execute, and manage mass mailings to promote your products, services, and events, or communicate important information with customers. We will help you grow your revenue with small business direct mail. Following each step from beginning to Informed delivery,  we make it easier for all.  Not only niche-based, but we also provide bulk mail marketing services to all sizes of businesses.

Direct Mail Printing and Mailing Services

Be it complex mail or promotional mail, we help you bring outstanding results. Successful direct mail printing and mailing services are a combination of marketing, print, and data – and these are the things we are good at.

Dedicated Marketing Team Support

We have the talent to deliver high-end direct mail services in USA region, breakthrough creative at a low cost, experience to test and analyze performance, and a team dedicated to providing exceptional direct mail advertising services and support.

Direct Mail Design and Ideas

We create mail designs that make direct mail creative, engaging, innovative, and personalized, leaving a lasting impression.

Our creative team comes up with unique ideas that are relevant to the audience and can make the recipient take action.

Ready for a Direct Mail
Design Evaluation?

The possibilities are endless, and we have plenty of great ideas that we’d like to share. Connect with us to explore the possibility of format optimization, paper, personalization, textures and more.

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How to Start Your Direct Mail Campaigns with
American Litho?

Here are some basic tips to start your direct mail marketing campaigns with American Litho 

Identify Your Target Audience

 To identify your target audience, we first determine who needs your product and who doesn’t.

Then we will conduct market research to collect demographic information on the prospects based on their purchase history.


Identify Customer Pain Points

We then identify the things they are struggling with. Then address your brand’s offering solution to their problem in the campaign we are sending out to them.

This makes your brand feel relevant to them and make them feel valuable.

Compelling content

Then we write compelling content in your selected format. The content includes an engaging and persuasive message about your offerings, and then a clear CTA to make them reach out to you.



After completing the mail format and content, we deliver your mail to your audience at the right time, at the right place, and through reliable direct mail printing and mailing services without breaking your budget.

We Test Direct Mail Campaign Before Sending

An essential step in the direct mail marketing process is testing your campaign. Before you do the big spend, try sending your mailer to a small segment of your list. This can help you estimate how effective the campaign will be. Our digital print platform is the perfect match for testing small sample sizes of highly personalized direct mail.  If satisfied with the test run, we can scale up the campaign from there.

Testing is a Key to Direct Mail Success!

Our digital print platform is optimized for one to millions, with each impression customizable with 100% personalized variable data.

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Target your Ideal Audience With Our Effective Direct Mail Campaign

If a mail reaches out to the wrong target audience, it doesn’t matter how effective its offer or execution is. Our team takes some time to highlight what businesses you want to contact and help you find the right person to reach out to.  Our effective mail campaigns ensure that you are not only reaching the right audience but to someone who has the authority to take up your offer.

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Omnichannel Direct Mail Marketing

Omnichannel marketing is a powerful strategy to reach customers across various channels, both online and offline. It provides a consistent, personalized experience for customers, no matter what the touchpoint. 

Despite the belief that print is dying or outdated, it remains a crucial component of omnichannel marketing campaigns. 

We, as a direct mail advertising agency, use the cross-channel platform to create personalized direct mail campaign workflows and distribute them across diverse channels such as direct mail, email, SMS text messaging, social media, voice, and microsites. 

Our team will help you with underlying strategy, creativity, data management, and business logic to make these programs execute.

Priming the Mailbox Strategy

Priming mailbox strategy is a proven approach to optimize the impact of your direct mail campaigns. Making a memorable first impression is memorable, and that’s why we carefully plan the timing and frequency of your mailouts. 

By targeting your ideal audience at the right time and with relevant content, our priming mailbox strategy will help boost the response rate and enhance brand recognition. 

We help you connect with your potential customers on a deeper level and achieve your marketing goal with precision and effectiveness. 

Our priming mailbox strategy will help you take your direct mail campaigns to new heights of success.

mailing list

Audience Targeting
through Direct Mailing List

The mailing list is the most important factor of any direct mail campaign. If your message is reaching in front of the right audience, you have already won half the battle. 

We provide you the targeted mailing lists to help you reach the right audience by giving you more control over who will receive your message. 

With the ability to segment your mailing list by any criteria, you can be as specific as you want for who to target. 

We nail down your geographic region and the target audience, create a direct mail mailing list, design your mail piece, print and address them, and mail it out to make it reach your destination.

Direct Mail Marketing with Digital Campaigns

Direct mail works great as a single marketing strategy. But, it works even great when used with other marketing forms. We integrate direct mail marketing with digital campaigns to increase your coverage and get more responses. 

Our direct mail advertising agency runs a direct mail campaign with social media ads or conducts an email drip campaign after a direct mail campaign. It enables you to reach your message through several channels, leading to increased awareness. 

When combining, we make sure your message and offer are consistent and are persuading enough to make the recipient take action

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Add Direct Mail To Your Digital Campaign?

Our expert team can integrate direct mail with your digital campaign to collect important data and remarket with highly personalized print as the catalysis for re-engagement, targeting non-responders, abandoned carts and high intent audiences that you may not know you have.

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Industries We Serve

We serve direct mail solutions to every kind of industry whether it is B2B, health care, finance, Insurance, or telecommunication. We do it all 


As a US-based direct mail marketing company, we have the skills, expertise, and scalable resources to make your healthcare direct mail campaign a success and effective 


Whether your agency offers health insurance, life insurance, home, or any mortgage insurance, we help you send all sorts of direct mail to your target customer.


We work with business in Finance industry such as bank or other financial advisors to create a mail campaign that attracts new clients and help sustain successful campaigns.


American Litho helps telecommunication companies by sending direct marketing mail to prospects to help them increase their brand’s visibility and image.

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We Also Serve Direct Mail to B2B

If you are marketing business-to-business (or B2B) direct mail marketing is a special segment and differs from business-to-consumer (B2C). In general, B2B direct mail is highly effective when targeted properly. 

In B2B consistent messaging across all channels is key (direct mail, digital ads, trade press) You want to be sure you are targeting key decision makers to create proper authority. 

B2B marketing requires alignment with your sales team and follow-ups by phone or email to be highly effective.


We Improve Your ROI Through Direct Mail

Direct mail marketing requires consistent mailing. Therefore, each cost in a high-volume direct mail campaign needs to be evaluated and managed.

American Litho offers one point of contact to help guide you through the process and add value with innovative direct mail marketing solutions on everything from format design to postal optimization.

Turning to return on your investment, or ROI, this can be calculated by multiplying the costs of the mailing by the number of pieces mailed, the number of responses to the mailing, the number of sales, and the price of the item sold. 

ROI on a direct mailing can be quite attractive (AMA average is 37%) contact us to look at your specific campaign.

Our Testimonials

Dear American Litho, We are pleased to recommend and compliment you for your expertise and partnership with our company. We have a long history with American Litho and your insights, capabilities and professionalism have made us a much better company in our market place.

Gary S. Davis, President

Terrapin Packaging Private Limited

 I do appreciate you watching out for us.  That’s value you don’t get from everyone.  You and your team are doing a magnificent  job for us and we’re truly blessed to have a great business partner in American Litho. You’ve been great to work with and I can’t tell you how happy I am, but I am pleased beyond belief.  I really am.  Have a great night and thank you

Vice President

Major National Retail Bank

Thank you all for your extra efforts in getting this project out on time! You are all such an integral part of our direct marketing process. Without your hard work and stellar service, this part of my job would be so incredibly challenging and stressful.

Buyer Senior

International Travel and Vacation Company
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Direct Mail Marketing With American Litho

American Litho, an award-winning direct mail advertising agency and a top US commercial direct mail printer. We offer a unique approach to planning, creating, printing, mailing and tracking direct mail.

We are passionate about what we do and we try to keep it simple with one point of contact, you will find we always put the customer first.

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Are you ready to raise brand awareness and tap into the power of direct mail marketing? Give us a call or fill out the form below. We’ll be happy to give you a free estimate along with sample campaign ideas (depending on the scope of the project) to get your imagination going. We look forward to hearing from you!


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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Because direct mail has a greater response rate and requires sending mail to specific instead of huge audiences.

It is effective because we  target your audience based on specific demographics, location, interests, and past purchase behavior.

We integrate direct mail marketing with digital campaigns by mentioning QR codes, website URLs, social media platforms, or follow-up emails. 

We help you with all aspects of a direct mail marketing campaign, we start from design to printing to mailing and tracking to reach your target audience and generate results.

American Litho offers bulk mail marketing services, designing, print and direct mail services, mail tracking, postcard marketing services, and more.

Businesses can optimize direct mail by targeting audiences carefully, writing personalized messages with compelling offers, and an easy-to-click call-to-action (CTA).

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