Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing: Everything You Need To Know

Direct mail is the most cost-effective form of advertising notwithstanding advances in digital technology. Direct mail marketing remains the most responsive and effective form of advertising delivering the largest return on investment. In fact, open rates for direct mail pieces can reach as high as 90% – compare that to the 6% of email opens. Smart brands continue to use well-designed direct mail letters, postcards and brochures to get timely messaging into the hands of customers.

Let’s explore the benefits of direct mail marketing and learn how to effectively leverage it as part of your marketing mix to drive brand awareness and business success.

Why is Direct Mail Marketing So Effective?

Direct mail marketing is effective for many reasons.

    • First, it can reach more people, as it’s not confined to a website or search engine result.
    • Second, it’s definitely going to be delivered and not blocked by a spam filter.
    • Third, it has a longer life than a digital ad or email, since it can be saved (or tacked to a refrigerator).

Perhaps most importantly, people like the touch and feel aspect of opening and reading mail. Marketing direct mail pieces can look and feel highly personalized and elicit a stronger emotional response than something sent to an inbox.

Why is Direct Mail Marketing Still Effective
Direct Mail Marketing Designs and Ideas

Direct Mail Marketing Designs and Ideas

Direct mail marketing design plays a vital role in the effectiveness of your mail piece. There are many design considerations and your intended audience should be a major one. Are you sending a letter which needs to be opened by a specific person or a postcard with a message available to anyone who sees it? Can an unusual size or color scheme garner greater response? Would a texture like soft touch, sand/grit or woodgrain connect deeply to a haptic sense?

Ready for a Direct Mail Design Evaluation?

The possibilities are endless, and we have plenty of great ideas that we’d like to share. Connect with us to explore the possibility on format optimization, paper, personalization, textures and more. Let’s Talk!

Creating a Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

In order to maximize effectiveness, a direct mail marketing campaign should be carefully planned and prepared. The first step is to identify your target audience. This could be people that have previously purchased from you or a specific consumer type from a contact list. Always design your mail piece to creatively to catch the interest of your audience. If you want to expand your current audience we offer Predictive Modeling services that can help hone in on your current audience and identify new segments. It’s a good idea to keep your message simple for a more effective connection. Remember the three keys to success for any direct mail campaign are: the right offer, creative that speaks to your audience, and timing of the delivery. 

Creating a Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

Direct Mail Marketing in the Digital Age

Direct mail marketing is actually the perfect complement to your digital campaigns, in fact, the two work best in tandem. When digital set-up the arrival of mail we call it “priming the mailbox”, print can also drive customers to a website. Additionally, the information you’ve collected digitally can be used to personalize the direct mail pieces – all part of an effective integrated marketing campaign. Customer information like accurate spelling of the persons name & address are essential, response to direct mail can provide opportunities for tailor made offers towards items they’ve purchased or browsed. for example: a website click or QR scan can automatically trigger a follow-up postcard to purchasers with a promo code to further stimulate sales. Contact us about “priming the mailbox”. 

Direct Mail Marketing Tips

Here are some basic tips to start your direct mail marketing campaign:
Tip one: determine your budget, consider all aspects and value of each customer, including cost per acquisition and the life time value of a customer.
Tip two: identify your potential customer’s pain points and focus on how your product or service alleviates the pain.
Tip three: give them “an offer they can’t refuse” – something that will really motivate them to purchase.
Tip four: be persistent. Effective marketing can take 8 to 12 touch points to establish trust and familiarize a customer with your brand.

Add Direct Mail To Your Digital Campaign?

Our expert team can integrate direct mail with your digital campaign to collect important data and remarket with highly personalized print as the catalysis for re-engagement, targeting non-responders, abandoned carts and high intent audiences that you may not know you have. Let’s Talk!

Direct Mail Ideas for B2B

Direct Mail Ideas for B2B

If you are marketing business-to-business (or B2B) direct mail marketing is a special segment and differs from business-to-consumer (B2C). In general, B2B direct mail is highly effective when targeted properly. In B2B consistent messaging across all channels is key (direct mail, digital ads, trade press). You want to be sure you are targeting key decision makers to create proper authority. B2B marketing requires alignment with your sales team and follow-ups by phone or email to be highly effective. 

Direct Mail Marketing Costs and ROI

Direct mail marketing requires consistent mailing> Therefore, each cost in a high-volume direct mail campaign needs to be evaluated and managed. American Litho offers one point of contact to help guide you through the process and add value with innovative solutions on everything from format design to postal optimization. Turning to return on your investment, or ROI, this can be calculated by multiplying the costs of the mailing by the number of pieces mailed, the number of responses to the mailing, the number of sales, and the price of the item sold. ROI on a direct mailing can be quite attractive (AMA average is 37%) contact us to look at your specific campaign. Tip: American Litho can distribute your direct mail more cost effectively (on most projects) because of our national print distribution model and proximity to the Bolingbrook corridor. 

Direct Mail Marketing Costs and ROI

Direct Mail Testing

An essential step in the direct mail marketing process is testing your campaign. Before you do the big spend, try sending your mailer to a small segment of your list. This can help you estimate how effective the campaign will be. Our digital print platform is the perfect match for testing small sample sizes of highly personalized direct mail. If satisfied with the test run, we can scale up the campaign from there.

Testing is a Key to Direct Mail Success!

Our digital print platform is optimized for one to millions, with each impression customizable with 100% personalized variable data. Let’s Talk!

Direct Mail Marketing Conversion Optimization – Setting Up for Success

In order for your direct mail marketing campaign to deliver results, you’ve got to make it as easy as possible for your customers to engage across all channels. This means having a phone number and a digital component like a website, coupon code, or QR code. You want to personalize the mail as much as possible but even simple information can make a huge impact. The adding a customers name to a printed mail piece can increase response rates by up to 135%. Ultimately you want a clear call to action like a store visit or online to make a purchase, each which can also be tracked and counted as a conversion. Depending on the technology integration your design may qualify for a postal discount (up to 2%). 

Direct Mail Marketing Conversion Optimization – Setting Up for Success
Direct mail marketing with american direct mail marketing with american litho

Direct Mail Marketing with American Litho

Now that you know more about direct mail marketing, let us introduce you to American Litho, an award-winning company and a top US direct mail printer. We offer a unique approach to planning, creating, printing, mailing and tracking direct mail. 

We are passionate about what we do and we try to keep it simple with one point of contact, you will find we always put the customer first.

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