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Over the past few months, team members here at American Litho have posed many important questions, and we have welcomed the chance to answer them.

Our team wants to know how the current shifts in our economy will affect their work roles, and rightly so. We are encouraging them to see this as a time of challenge, but also one of growth and learning.

American Litho is a cross-national workforce that began as a small group of dedicated people, all handling multiple functions to help our company grow. Today, we are hundreds strong, but the way we deal with challenges comes from the same source.

Loyalty. Mutual support. Innovation. And a passion for giving our absolute best on the job every day, no matter what comes our way.

These are the values behind a new action plan bringing fresh energy to American Litho. Here’s a look at what we’re doing right now.

Cross-training initiatives are giving employees the chance to work on different production teams, teaching each other the essential skills for success in new environments.

Safety and cleanliness are top-of-mind as we seek to keep each other healthy and secure on the job. Team members are working together make sure equipment and common areas are sanitized, sparkling clean and free of hazards.

Positive action is our focus as we encourage everyone to suggest ways to handle tasks more smoothly, efficiently, and collaboratively.

Caring for clients has never been more important to us. We are drawing on the full complement of our knowledge, experience and talents to deliver results for you.

The Healthy Revenue Series we’ve been running over the past 7 weeks is a prime example of our dedication to client care. We are bringing you ready-to-go strategies, paired with the advanced technology and the best prepared team – all with the goal of helping you improve response rates, engagement, loyalty and ROI.

While some companies might feel the need to reduce operations right now, American Litho is making employee retention a central goal. By building skill, agility and mutual reliance, we are encouraging our team members to embrace a personal growth mindset. Together we will emerge as a stronger, better equipped company, ready to do our part in fueling economic recovery across the U.S.

We are deeply grateful for your loyalty.

We thank you for your partnership and we look forward to giving you our absolute best throughout 2020 and beyond.

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