Format Optimization

Faster, more cost-effective printing services.

Can strategic changes in the design of your project make it more cost effective and run more efficiently? Often, the answer is yes. With more than 3 decades of successful experience, our format team will show you how it’s done.

Optimal formats for your in-line jobs.

Our goal is to optimize your jobs for smooth, in-line production on our web offset presses. We also look for ways to cut postage costs while complying with all USPS regulations.

Starting with information shared by sales and estimating, we work directly with you, asking key questions and suggesting improvements. Full-color comps are created to show you how the end product will look and feel in the customer’s hands.

The new format is great! Thank you for helping me design such a truly innovative piece.

Senior Marketing Manager

When the final design is in place, we provide templates to assist your creative team with precise copy and image placement.

Smooth handling from concept to completion.

As your job heads into production, format designers work with the web offset team to execute the plan. Processes and equipment are carefully aligned to the new job specs. Press, bindery, finishing and packing operations all contribute to the goal of speed, efficiency and savings with zero compromise in quality.


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