Do you have a minute?

Direct mail marketing near Chicago, IL

Think how many times you hear this question in the course of a business day. Ever noticed how differently you respond, depending on who’s doing the asking?

The people we make time for are trusted partners and friends. We know that a quick exchange will help us do our work better, avoid pitfalls or understand more of what’s happening in the office, industry or community.

At American Litho, we understand the value of a minute – not only in the context of your work day but in your effort to reach and engage thousands, maybe even millions of new customers each year.

It’s a complex job. Research shows your message may be competing with up to 5,000 others at any given moment. You need practical insights to reach customers faster with greater impact and lower cost.

We want to be a helpful resource. That’s why we’re inviting you to spend a minute here with us, exploring ways to add real power to your brand-building efforts.

The Brand Energy blog is ALitho’s take on marketing in a competitive world and how we can do it better together. Every couple of weeks, we’ll send you sparks of inspiration on topics ranging from retail merchandising strategies to direct mail ROI to the newest developments in printing technology and their value in building your brand. Look for our thoughts on industry trends, lots of success stories and lessons learned that can help all of us think and work smarter.

We love questions, so fire them at us. We want to know what’s keeping you up at night.

Are your postage costs too high? Do you have the right packaging strategy for the new brand you’re launching later this year? Can a big-data solution help you reach markets you haven’t tapped yet? We’ll bring you the perspectives you need to find real answers for your organization.


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