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American Litho University, improve your ROI though education

Success with any print-based marketing campaign depends on having a detailed map of where you’re headed and the best tools and strategies to help you get there. With this in mind, we host the American Litho University for building your brand.

If you’d like your team to really understand how print works, based on a thorough grasp of the latest technology, pre-press and pressroom procedures, then this seminar is a great opportunity. We bring in experts from Kodak, SAPPI and the U.S. Postal Service to round out the knowledge and perspectives of our own in-house pros. Visits to the production floor to see how it all works in real time give every ALitho U student a 360-degree education that leads to stronger planning and cost efficiency on your end.

At our quarterly 2-day event in Carol Stream, participants comes away with a new understanding of print planning, production, logistics and more – elements that lay the groundwork for strong performance.

We show clients from all vertical markets how our services contribute to success with both print and omni-channel initiatives. Open discussions created a lively exchange of questions and ideas – a forum that enriched and extended the learning for all of us.

ALitho U presenters focused on several major themes like, planning and teamwork for results, defining campaign objectives, the value of accurate data, and marketing to the 5 senses.

Here is the agenda for the May 16th and 17th ALU.

Opening Remarks

Mike Fontana, American Litho President, and Chris Joyaux, American Litho Chief Operations & Co-Owner

ALitho’s Production Platform

Presented by ALitho’s Production Team 

Creative Format Design

Presented by ALitho Format Designer, Sharon Rubar

Data Management / List Services / Logistics

Presented by ALitho, VP of Data Technologies, Rob Glaza

Manufacturing Plant Tour

Presented by ALitho Plant Manager, Dave Deschryver

USPS 2016 Promotions

Presented by USPS Representative

Neuroscience of Touch

Presented by Sappi


Presented by ALitho Pre-Press Manager, Tim Gaw

Inline Printing, Imaging and Finishing

Presented by ALitho Plant  Manager, Dave Deschryver

Sensory Branding (Direct Mail Strategies)

Presented by ALitho Team

IMT: In Store, In Home & In Environment Engagement

Presented by ALitho VP of Retail Marketing and Packaging, Dwayne Martinez

American Litho Logistics Group

Plant Tour

USPS Carol Stream Tour, IL SCF

Plant Tour 

And yes — this opportunity is FREE for serious clients, and unlike most free offers, this one really is gold!


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