How Informed Delivery Boost your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign?

In the world of direct mail marketing, staying ahead is vital. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce you to informed delivery, a tool that can elevate your campaigns to new heights. With informed delivery, your direct mail marketing efforts can reach unprecedented levels of enhancement and success.

In a nutshell, informed delivery allows recipients to digitally preview their mail before it arrives in their mailbox. By subscribing to this service, the target audience receives an email each morning featuring grayscale images of their incoming mail. This unique feature not only sparks curiosity but also builds anticipation and excitement around the direct mail pieces.

But the benefits of informed delivery extend beyond that. Not only does it provide a digital preview, but it also offers the opportunity to include interactive elements within the email itself, such as website links and promotional offers. This innovative approach seamlessly connects the digital previous with engaging experiences online, resulting in increased conversion rates and overall campaign success.

Informed delivery has revolutionized the marketing landscape for those in the know. It offers valuable insights and data analytics, allowing marketers to gain a deeper understanding of their audience’s preferences and behaviors. Armed with this knowledge, optimizing direct mail campaigns becomes effortless as messages can be refined and targeting strategies honed for maximum impact.

What Is Informed Delivery?

The USPS offers a service called “Informed Delivery” that allows people to see a preview of their mail and packages before they actually receive them. Businesses can take advantage of this service by creating Informed Delivery campaigns that include content, like pictures and links in these previews. This is also known as an informed delivery ride-along image. Subscribers receive email notifications from USPS every day with grayscale images of their letter mail. This service helps people manage their mail efficiently, increases excitement about items, and improves security.

USPS Informed Delivery is quickly becoming a significant addition to the direct mail marketer’s toolbox by adding multiple digital touch points to increase response and significant cost savings via postal Informed Delivery promotions from USPS.

Additionally Informed Delivery creates opportunities for marketing and better customer engagement. . By utilizing USPS’s Informed Delivery services, companies in industries such as the healthcare industry or insurance can also optimize their outreach efforts.

5 Steps that Boost your Marketing Campaign with Informed Delivery

Informed delivery, offered by the United States Postal Service (USPS), is a powerful tool that revolutionizes customer engagement for businesses. This innovative service allows recipients to digitally preview their incoming mail and packages before they reach their mailbox. By leveraging informed delivery, you can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. Here are five essential steps to boost a successful informed delivery campaign, combining the power of this service with USPS offerings and advanced analytics.

Understanding Analytics

Amerlytics is a critical aspect of leveraging the effectiveness of the informed Delivery campaign. To fully harness its potential, it’s essential to grasp the concept. 

Amerylitics involves utilizing the data and insights gathered through Informed Delivery to enhance mail and package delivery strategies.

By analyzing recipient behavior, preferences, and engagement with the digital previews provided via email notifications, online dashboards, or a mobile app, organizations can tailor their physical mail campaigns more effectively.

This fusion of analytics and mail delivery not only optimizes resource allocation but also enhances customer engagement, making Informed Delivery a valuable tool for modernizing and streamlining postal services.

Ensuring Data Security in USPS Informed Delivery

Ensuring data security is important when partnering with USPS to incorporate Informed Delivery into your campaign. It is vital to protect information in order to maintain trust and compliance.  USPS Informed Delivery Services can prioritize encryption, access controls, and regular security audits to prevent breaches. By safeguarding customer data from access, you not only guarantee the integrity and confidentiality of your campaigns but also enhance the credibility of your campaign. In today’s landscape filled with risks demonstrating a commitment, to data security serves as the foundation for collaborations, with USPS.

Coordinate Timing

Coordinate Timing” refers to the process of ensuring that your physical mail arrives simultaneously with the email previews provided by Informed Delivery. 

This approach helps your brand make an impression and ensures that your message stays top of mind when recipients receive the mail.

To put it simply it’s about synchronizing the offline aspects of your message. When individuals view your email preview and subsequently receive your mail at around the time it becomes more memorable and impactful. 

It’s like a combination that leaves a lasting mark. Therefore timing plays a role, in ensuring that your message remains fresh and influential when it reaches your audience both digitally and physically.

Use the Power of Data Analysis in Campaign Optimization

Data analysis plays a role, in the success of data-driven analytics. By utilizing analytics tools, you can uncover insights about how your informed delivery campaign is performing. Dive into user engagement metrics to discover the strategies that truly resonate with your audience.

By analyzing data, you can uncover valuable insights about your audience’s patterns, preferences, and traits. These insights will help inform your campaign optimization strategies. 

For example, you can identify the advertising channels or messages that resonate most with your audience and allocate your budget accordingly. Additionally, tracking key metrics such as click-through rates, conversion rates, and return on investment will enable you to make real-time adjustments for optimal results.

A/B Testing and Optimization

Continuously optimize your campaign by conducting A/B testing on different elements of your Informed Delivery content. Experiment with variations of visuals, messaging, and CTAs (Call to Action) to discover what resonates most with your audience. Keep iterating and refining your campaign for maximum impact.

How can Informed Delivery Benefits Businesses?

Great Open Rates

One of the key advantages of informed delivery campaigns is the great open rates they offer. Informed delivery is a service provided by the United States Postal Service (USPS) that allows recipients to digitally preview their incoming mail.

This innovative feature piques recipients’ curiosity, leading to higher open rates as people eagerly anticipate the physical mail.

By leveraging USPS Informed Delivery services, businesses can boost the visibility of their direct mail pieces and increase the chances of their messages being seen and acted upon, ultimately enhancing the overall effectiveness of their marketing efforts. 

This heightened engagement can lead to improved campaign outcomes and customer interaction.

Increase Engagement

The utilization of USPS’s Informed Delivery service in direct mail marketing campaigns enhances customer interaction. This is achieved by merging physical and digital channels, allowing recipients to receive email previews of their incoming mail.

Consequently, individuals are encouraged to check their mailboxes on a daily basis, generating increased anticipation. As a result, businesses benefit from improved visibility and response rates through the innovative features offered by USPS Informed Delivery Services.

Increase Brand Recall

Informed Delivery, a service provided by USPS, enhances brand recall by providing digital previews of physical mail. Recipients receive email notifications with images and sender information, leading to improved recognition and engagement.

By incorporating informed delivery campaigns into their marketing strategies, businesses can leverage this service to increase visibility, reinforce their brand presence, and foster stronger connections with customers.

Maximize campaign performance

In informed delivery campaigns, USPS leverages its services to enhance campaign performance. With informed delivery, recipients get a preview of their mail electronically before it’s physically delivered, leading to greater engagement.

This innovative approach maximizes the advantages of informed delivery by captivating audiences with a digital sneak peek. As a result, recipients are better informed and more eager, ultimately boosting the effectiveness and ROI of your marketing efforts.

How does the Informed Delivery Service Work for Consumers?

USPS creates images for each piece of mail before scheduling for delivery. Informed Delivery assigns a unique delivery point code to each physical address. Customers then receive an email directly in their customer account or users can access them through their Informed Delivery Dashboard. 

Multiple residents can sign up for Informed Delivery at the same address so that family members or roommates can view incoming mail. USPS ensures that the first 10 mail attachments are visible in the USPS mobile app for better mail management. Informed Delivery customers can view the remaining mail in their dashboards.

Informed Delivery users receive scanned images of the exterior of incoming letter-size mailpieces (processed through automated equipment).*
Images and package tracking information is available via email notification, online dashboard, or mobile app.

If a mailer conducts an Informed Delivery interactive campaign, supplemental content will be shown (for letters/postcards of flats).
Interactive campaigns include custom images, known as Representative and Ride-along Images, and a target URL that directs the user to a digital experience.

How does Informed Delivery Feature Works ?

Consumer Sign Up

Signing up for USPS Informed Delivery is a straightforward process that grants you access to a useful service. To begin, visit the USPS website and register for a free account. Here's a simplified breakdown of the steps: Visit USPS Website: Start by going to the official USPS website.

To create an account, simply click on either the "Sign Up for Free" or "Register" button. Fill in your name, address, and email to complete the process. To ensure the security of your account, USPS may request that you verify your identity.

USPS offers a convenient service called Daily Email Notifications. By signing up, you will receive daily emails containing digital previews of the mail designated for your mailbox.

Mail images during processing

USPS provides a service called Informed Delivery, which includes a unique feature known as "Mail Images During Processing." This feature involves digitally scanning the front of smaller-sized mail items while they are being processed for delivery. These scanned images are then accessible to registered users through their Informed Delivery accounts.

By offering this service, USPS enhances the informed delivery experience, allowing customers to preview their incoming mail and effectively manage their correspondence. It also proves beneficial for businesses conducting informed delivery campaigns.

Images matched to delivery points

The informed delivery process by the United States Postal Service (USPS) is simplified with automatic mailpiece image matching for users. This matching utilizes an 11-digit Delivery Point ZIP Code, allowing Informed Delivery users to receive visual previews of their expected mail each day.

This enhances anticipation and engagement by seamlessly associating mailpiece images with recipients' locations.

USPS prioritizes user experience, ensuring convenient connectivity and information regarding incoming mail deliveries for both senders and recipients through this automated process.

Consequentially, this modern method adds efficiency and convenience to the mailing experience.

Notification emailed to user

Informed Delivery is a service provided by USPS that sends users a daily notification email. It enhances the experience of USPS-informed delivery campaigns by offering a digital preview of the mail that will arrive in their mailbox.

This service gives users a sneak peek at letter-size mail, promoting convenience and enabling them to manage their deliveries more efficiently. It plays a crucial role in USPS's informed delivery services as it provides customers with greater control and insights into their incoming mail.

All these benefits are easily accessible online, ensuring a seamless, informed mail delivery experience.

User receives mailpiece

During this stage, the individual receives a piece of mail such, as a letter or package either in their mailbox or, at their doorstep. It signifies the moment when the postal service or a courier delivers the item to the address. To put it simply this step involves holding the mail in your hands after it has been sent to you.

How can Informed Delivery add extra power to your direct mail programs?
Bob Dixon, Product Technology Director with USPS, explains how it works in this video.

Informed Delivery Subscriber Statistics (2023)

In June 2023, the Informed Delivery feature by USPS experienced remarkable growth in its subscriber base. It now has 56.6 million active users, marking a notable 15% year-over-year increase. This widespread adoption of informed delivery has allowed businesses to effectively connect with a large and engaged audience.

The feature boasts an impressive email open rate, consistently surpassing the industry average at over 65%, thus demonstrating its high level of user engagement. Moreover, informed delivery campaigns have generated over 5.5 billion valuable impressions, providing brands with an excellent opportunity to expand their reach and enhance customer engagement. These statistics underscore the significant impact of informed delivery as a powerful digital marketing tool.

Leverage the Informed Delivery Advertising Platform’s Additional Features to Maximize Direct Mail Campaign Performance.

Enhance your direct mail campaign’s impact with USPS Informed Delivery. Recipients can preview their mail digitally, driving higher engagement. Leverage advanced features in the platform to maximize your campaign’s effectiveness. Gain a competitive edge in informed mail delivery with USPS services. Elevate your marketing strategy for improved visibility and customer interaction

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Informed Delivery Ride-Along Images

Ride along or representative messages offered by the USPS Informed Delivery feature allow users to provide bonus content. All campaigners need to do is submit these extra images when they start operating on their campaign. There is a wide range of things you can feature in these bonus messages. Some great examples include:

Additionally, brands can add a URL of their choice to the hyperlinked image and send web-based content to users through them. This will provide customers with additional content and unlock more engagement opportunities.

Leverage Tracking and Digital Marketing with an Omnichannel campaign

An omnichannel campaign can maximize the impact of tracking and digital marketing by encouraging informed delivery from USPS. This powerful service empowers businesses to create targeted campaigns that engage customers across physical mail and digital channels.

By utilizing USPS Informed Mail Delivery services, companies can enhance their marketing strategies, effectively reach customers, and improve campaign ROI through tracking and personalized communication.

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Leverage Postal Savings on Informed Delivery Campaigns

During the Informed Delivery promotional
period, USPS offers a 4% discount
for qualifying first-class,
standard/marketing mail, and non-profit, letters, postcards, and flat size mail pieces. 
Advertisers save big by utilizing this sale. We think this is a major reason why you should consider incorporating the USPS Informed Delivery feature into your omni channel setup.

How do I start a new Informed Delivery campaign?
Bob Dixon, Product Technology Director with USPS, explains how it works in this video.

Maximize your Informed Delivery Campaign with American Litho

American Litho improves your Informed Delivery campaign by using its expertise to make the most of USPS Informed Delivery services. They customize content and design to maximize the benefits of this USPS service ensuring that your message reaches customers digitally through previews of mail, in Informed Delivery. This boost, Increases visibility for your marketing efforts, with Informed Mail Delivery. With us, your campaign becomes more effective and impactful.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

USPS Informed Delivery is a convenient service that provides digital previews of your daily mail deliveries and packages and offers enhanced communication options from USPS.

Consumers can utilize Informed Delivery to quickly preview their mail, track packages, customize delivery preferences, and access digital mailbox features.

The current user count for Informed Delivery is 56.6 million active users. And also increasing significantly.

Informed Delivery, a mail management tool provided by USPS, is offered to customers at no cost. This makes it an affordable and efficient option for managing their mail.

The open rate of daily Informed Delivery emails varies, but it is generally high due to the personalized and valuable content they provide.

Businesses can optimize direct mail by targeting audiences carefully, writing personalized messages with compelling offers, and an easy-to-click call-to-action (CTA).

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