How do you define growth?

Direct mail marketing near Chicago, IL

I’ve been thinking about that question a lot as the year comes to a close. What does success look like – especially in a business that’s changed so much in recent years and shows no signs of slowing down?

People say the printing business is shrinking. I hear this almost every day. But at ALitho, we know the opposite is true.

The way we see it, printing isn’t just putting ink on a page anymore. It’s envisioning print as part of a much wider strategy that encompasses digital and social marketing in a total effort to build your brand.

To us, that’s a clear call to bring together more services in one place, and that’s been our focus over the last 12 months. We’ve added new equipment, new teams and capabilities and new leaders who bring fresh ideas and decades of experience to the table.

Fulfilling more of your needs

We have a full-service lettershop in place and new data analytics services that are helping clients reach more prospects than ever before. We’ve also added new equipment that lets us personalize virtually any printed piece or campaign. These improvements have helped us nearly double our direct marketing volume, helping our clients mail hundreds of millions of pieces this year.

We’ve expanded our fulfillment and pick-and-pack operations to better match your needs. We can now print, warehouse, receive and assemble custom orders and ship to your customers and retail outlets with greater efficiency and ease.

Merchandising and packaging are growing businesses at ALitho, and in 2014 we invested major capital to build our capabilities in this area. We’re now well-equipped to help you overcome the supply chain issues and scheduling demands that are central to this business.

With so many new services, capabilities and technologies coming on line, our amazing IT team has gone above and beyond to create streamlined processes for quoting, customer service and more. Their work is rarely seen or acknowledged, but without it we couldn’t deliver the integrated support we know you need.

Looking for greater efficiencies

Another big development in 2014: the addition of new technologies so we can cut custom-sized sheets from roll goods. This delivers real economies of scale, more flexibility in choosing web or sheet-fed production and much less paper waste.

Lean operations mean a lot to us because in the end, we know they mean everything to you. Speed, cost-efficiency and superior quality are key in building your brand. Bringing all our creativity and skill to the table, we really believe we can meet any challenge you bring us.

Maybe that’s a big statement for any team to make. But when you come to Carol Stream to tour our plant and meet our people, you’ll feel the pride and confidence I’m describing.

There are more than 300 team members working at ALitho at any given time, and it’s my personal goal to make this a great place for them to expand their skills and give their best. We are proud of our eco-friendly workplace. This year, we also raised thousands of dollars to fight cancer at the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life, and that felt great. In 2015 we plan to do even more to support ACS and other organizations that strengthen our community.

Thank you for your trust in us

Clearly, we’re proud of our plant, our people and our work. But we know you have plenty of choices when it comes to direct mail, merchandising, packaging and all forms of printing. If we’re growing, it must be because your trust in us is growing too.

We want to be the right choice for you for all the right reasons. And we’re grateful for every challenge you bring us, because each one is an opportunity for us to earn your business.

Best wishes to you and your team for a great holiday and let’s make 2015 our absolute best year yet. Give us a call, 630-462-1700.

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