Best Medical Mailing Services to Health Care Leaders By American Litho

With our medical mailing services, we start a direct mail marketing campaign that helps you communicate with your existing and prospective patients on a one-to-one level.

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We Engage Patients with our Healthcare Mailing Services

Be it healthcare insurance or any other offerings, American Litho will help you engage your potential patients with our best healthcare mailing services through the best-quality printed products like mailers and postcards.

Quality health care requires state-of-the-art technology and skill, but in the lives of patients, it’s also about caring. No direct marketing partner can help you convey the human value of the care you provide better than American Litho.

Our direct marketing experts work from an extensive knowledge of neuromarketing — the science behind the human response to any marketing appeal.

Simply put, we know how potential patients will receive and understand your message. And we have the advanced capabilities to translate what we know into powerful direct-response programs that will build patient engagement and long-term loyalty.

Medical Mailing Services by American Litho

Healthcare direct mail marketing mailers should not be plain and boring. You need to try some engaging content and formats to make the job done. So we select formats and collect telecommunication data that are concise, personal, and print mailers that are cost-effective and can help you boost results. To make the most out of it, we offer medical mailing services that not only make your letters compelling but also generate impressive conversions.

Offset & Digital Printing

Our expert printing techniques are something that led to years of success in the printing industry.

We offer single and double-sided long-sheet printing on pharmaceutical-grade stock, 6-color offset, and digital print services for quick runs or fast turnouts.

With both offset and digital printing capabilities, we are good at crafting a perfect print solution for your project.

Bindery & Finishing

Finishing your printed piece is an important part of direct mail printing.

Customers who visit Alitho are always impressed by the versatility and size of the bindery.

It’s proof of our medical direct mail offerings and the company’s investment in and commitment to meeting all our client’s finishing needs.

We do all the necessary things that are required to be in the mail to ensure controlled quality,  efficiency savings, and a faster turnaround.

Mailing and Shipping

Our medical mailing services in the USA will help you get the most value for your money as we can produce attention-grabbing designs and messaging.

With us, you will get to collaborate with a group of expert direct mail specialists and creative experts to make sure the smooth creation of printing, mailing, and shipping, at the best prices.

Dedicated Team Support

Our  direct mail team has experts who leverage the best  techniques to design lead-nurturing informed delivery campaigns and help you convert prospects into customers.

Our mailing strategy is designed to promote your authority in the healthcare industry and track responses and conversions, with our dedicated marketing support you can establish and prove value to your clients. 

We Offer a 360-Degree Approach to Healthcare Direct Mail Marketing

Using direct mail marketing for healthcare offerings in an effective way to cut through the digital clutter, build communication with potential and existing clients, and make your campaigns more memorable. With our 360-degree approach to healthcare direct mail marketing, you can build trust, solidify practice-area authority, and nurture patients & maintain relationships.

Powerful Data Analytics

If your marketing plans include creating healthcare compliance direct mail campaigns, we use powerful database and analytics tools that can refine your strategies and help you increase your ROI.

Secure List Management

We prioritize data privacy and compliance of customers. With us, you can rest assured that your patient data is collected, stored, and used in a manner that aligns with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and GDPR.

Highly Personalized Experience

Our healthcare mailing services will enable you to seamlessly market across channels, target your audience with personalized experiences, and enhances your response rate

Proven Mailing Formats

We select healthcare formats that you can select for your marketing campaigns that best suits your requirements and complements your messaging.

Seamless & Efficient Workflow?

Choosing the right team will make your onboarding and conversion process quick and hassle-free. We will ensure a seamless and efficient workflow in your mailing process.


Expert Postal Optimization

We specialize in the latest direct mail production technologies that will help you in variable data printing with expert postal optimization and mailing services to save money and time delivery.


Omnichannel Strategies

We think outside the box and when needed we create a new box. We have omnichannel strategies possible that leverage every marketing channel at its best. 

“Academic studies have demonstrated that brain data can predict future [marketing] success more accurately than can traditional market research tools.”

Harvard Business Review

Proven health care formats, fully customizable for your objectives.

Free Marketing Consultation With American Litho

Speak with our Marketing Experts

Talk to our experts to know what is right with your health care compliance direct marketing services and toss around ideas for improvements.

Mail Designing

American Litho provide a reliable way to grow your business and craft a mail design that’s customizable, easy to use, and converting.

We Execute

We then handle an execution process and give you a huge relief for clients to run a direct mail campaign effectively.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

We help our clients with our health direct mail strategy, merchandise and packaging, health care ,printing services, and distribution and logistics.

We implement the best practices such as mentioning valuable content in healthcare direct mail, customizing copy, and imagery, sending regular mail items, blending direct and digital marketing, and more.

Direct marketing in healthcare means the implementation of communicative methods to engage with patients and hospitals and promote healthcare offerings through direct mail.

Direct marketing helps  healthcare industries   in engaging with customers directly and increases brand awareness, response rate, and the overall ROI.

HIPAA is the abbreviation of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act covers both organizations and individuals, including healthcare providers, health plans, clearinghouses, and business associates of HIPAA-covered entities.

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