How rich, consistent color builds your brand’s image

G7 Certification for American Litho in 2019

Posted by Tony Ferruzza

Accurate color reproduction is absolutely essential to the way the world sees your brand. This is why the American Litho team strives to meet the highest possible standards of color management in our industry.

We are very proud that our company has met the G7 Master Facility Colorspace standards set by Idealliance. This level of qualification – which must be renewed every year — is extremely tough to meet because it signifies that a company’s printing processes will reliably reproduce the entire color space, not just the primary and secondary colors (known as CMY and RGB). Print providers from across the globe seek this qualification as proof of their commitment to color consistency and quality.

Color communicates the value behind your brand

Research shows that color is a crucial element in determining which brands customers will embrace or reject. Color contributes to perceived quality and greatly enhances your brand’s reputation. It has deep emotional appeal – and when color is reproduced consistently across all communications, consumers take notice.

When print output doesn’t meet established color standards, not only is your brand’s image harmed, but time and money go down the drain, too. Accurate color management is so important in keeping costs down and avoiding the stress and waste associated with color inconsistencies.

The need for visual checks and on-the-spot corrections is greatly reduced when the proper controls are in place. The American Litho team strives to eliminate ALL color headaches and assure smooth, cost-efficient color reproduction in every press environment.

We aim for absolute excellence in color reproduction

When all the print materials we create for you are laid side by side, we want to see an exceptional level of color consistency and richness, contributing to the high standards you have set for your brand. These high standards should hold across all substrates and print technologies – digital, sheet-fed, web and even wide format. Our G7 Colorspace qualification is proof that we care deeply about color. It’s our promise of consistency, efficiency and savings that build the value within your brand. If you’re experiencing color issues with your current print providers, I hope you’ll get in touch with us today. We have the solutions you’re looking for.

Questions about color? Ask Tony Ferruzza is Senior VP of the Sheet-Fed and Digital Division of American Litho, and a longtime industry expert in color control.

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