Direct Mail Marketing for Financial Companies and Advisors At American Litho

From planning to execution, American Litho is here to promote your product offerings via direct mail to the Finance industry for all age groups. We have all the great direct mail techniques in place that would help you reach your target audience in the industry.

What is Financial Services Direct Mail Marketing?

Financial services direct mail marketing is a marketing strategy that finance companies use to promote their financial products or services to a target audience. It will help you build strong relationships, and increase mail response rate and ROI.

In today’s digitally competitive market, financial services marketers are competing for the attention of their customers by yelling, “open me.” So how can you ensure your brand stands out amidst the noise to get the attention you deserve?

Why Direct Mail Marketing is Effective for Financial Services & Advisors?

In this digital world, your clients and prospects are overwhelmed by notifications or emails, text, pop-up ads, and other ways of instant communication. To make themselves stand out, companies now use a tried and true strategy – direct mail. It’s a great and shiny way to attract clients. Financial services direct marketing is an effective way and is the reason for your increased lead generation pipeline when done correctly, Finance telecommunication data and other previous performance analytics, direct mail can prove to be an effective way to promote your campaigns. Here are some other reasons why finance direct mail marketing is effective.

Higher Response Rates

Finance Direct mail tends to bring higher response rates compared to email. Some statistics have proven that the response rate for direct mail is 4.4% while for email, it’s only 0.12%.

This amount response rate leads to more qualified leads and ultimately higher conversion rates

Precise Targeting

 With finance direct mail, you can craft hyper-personalized messages. Financial service providers can segment their audience and tailor their message to specific demographics, needs, or preferences.

This helps in building a deeper connection and increases engagement.


Direct mail marketing services for financial institutions have a broad appeal across different generations. While some people are digitally inclined, the majority of people still value physical mail and respond more positively.

With direct mail, you can reach a wider audience and provide mail based on the preferences of different generations.

Highly Personalize

Direct mail brings a better ROI when executed effectively. By using data analytics, detailed customer profiles, and behavioral patterns, finance service providers can optimize direct mail campaigns specifically.

This will help companies increase engagement, and response rates and achieve a better ROI.

How does American Litho Help to Grow your Finance Company or Business?

Take your financial services direct mail marketing to the next level with American Litho! Financial advisors have the challenge of engaging potential clients with the right message at the right time. Direct mail marketing is an effective way to reach your finance prospects – if done correctly.

At American Litho, we have experience in providing direct mail marketing solutions specifically for the finance industry. We offer all the features and benefits you need to create successful campaigns. To know how we can help you grow your finance business, let’s look at the pointers below.

Improve your Direct Mail Response Rates

American Litho provides high-quality printing and mailing services that will help you increase engagement on direct mail and response to your finance direct mail campaigns.

We target a specific set of audiences to reach out to your financial benefit which will exponentially increase the response rate for a particular campaign.

Improve Your Conversion Rates

We create personalized and targeted finance direct mail campaigns that resonate with your prospects. The relatability tends to increase engagement and meaningful responses.

This increased engagement will help you effectively engage with the audience, drive conversions, and improve ROI.

Lower Down Logistic Costs

American Litho provides end-to-end finance direct mail services from planning to printing and delivering it to the target audience. We do it all. We streamline the direct mail process and reduce the need for multiple vendors, help you save time and money, and cut down your campaign’s logistics costs. 


We Offer Various Types of Financial Services Mailers for a Finance Company

For finance companies, direct mail is a cost-effective way to reach out to potential clients, showcase products, and build brand awareness. At American Litho, we help you create customized mail pieces that will highlight the benefits your finance offers such as high-yield saving accounts, low-interest loan options, investment strategies, new offers available, financial updates, or promoting other financial services. 

The financial services direct mail format can include a promotional offer for new customers and an informational brochure on different types of finance companies. To do so, we send different types of mailers to promote finance services or products. These mailers include:

Post Cards

Postcards are a cost-effective and efficient way to reach potential clients quickly. These are used to promote specific offers or discounts, provide tips on investment strategies, announce new products related to the finance industry, and more.  These are also used to remind your customers about new offers, services, and products related to the finance industry or any other industries like insurance and health care. It will help you convey messages or ideas clearly, or communicate with other people in an eye-catching way.


Flyers are an eye-catching way to send information about your services or offerings or just promote your Finance company. We use these to promote finance services, products, events, and more. Some people distribute flyers to let the audience know about new banking services or special loan products. 


Brochures are a more detailed and comprehensive way to provide information about the financial services company or its offerings to target customers. These are used to showcase the company’s products and services, highlight its unique selling points, and provide detailed information about its history and mission.


Letters are a great way to introduce your company or provide substantial information about services to potential customers. Suppose you are launching a new credit card with unique benefits and rewards for different spending habits and financial goals. Letters will help you communicate the specifics of each card variant to potential customers. 

You can outline your cashback, travel rewards, and point-based rewards explain the process to avail of a card or gain a loan, and provide information on payment options.  

We Serve Various Types of Finance Direct Mail Formats

Before you venture into direct mail marketing for financial services, you should first understand the different types of direct mail formats, this will;

American Litho has expertise in every format and can provide insights and ideas based on your audience for a customer format. There are various formats used in direct mail marketing; here are a few to familiarize yourself with.

We Serve Top Performing Catalogue Format

American Litho is a Top 5 US Catalogue Printer with an incredible array of format options that are optimized for our platform, which can save you time and increase relevance. Read More about our 5-point strategy to create powerful ROI for our catalog clients.

Moving on to self-mailers, these direct mail marketing formats are in the form of brochures and leaflets. They are great for new product advertisements and can be designed with fancy colors and text.

G7 light

American Litho is a G7 Colorspace Master Facility recognized by Idealliance, known for our color quality; we recently earned a 7-figure contract with a global financial service brand.

Color matters to us, because it matters to your customers! Color consistency establishes brand identity and builds customers’ trust in a brand’s quality and reputation. Research suggests that between 60% and 90% of a customer’s initial brand impressions are based on color alone.

With this in mind, ALitho prioritized the best possible color quality across our entire production floor. No matter where in the American Litho plant your job lands, it will meet the highest color standards. This means that, regardless of the press environment or substrate your projects need, your colors will be reproduced accurately every time.

How can American Litho Improve Your Finance Direct Mail Response Rates?

Direct mail is a powerful tool for financial advisors who want to deepen relationships with clients and prospects. At American Litho, we help you create highly personalized finance direct mail pieces that showcase your expertise, provide valuable educational content, and highlight your unique value proposition for your audience.

We also craft mail pieces that offer insights on the latest trends, tax strategies, Loan planning, and topics relevant to your client’s financial goals. With our expertise and personalized approach, we can help you build trust with customers, drive engagement, and achieve your marketing objectives. To make it all possible, here’s what we do:

Create an Offer

Do you want to reach potential clients for your financial planning services, or do you aim to offer your commercial loan products to your customers? Once we get this, we craft a compelling offer that can help your audience make an instant decision about your offering.

Understand your Target Audience

Then we get to know your business and your ideal target audience. Once we know about your audience’s preferences, we create a mailing list to ensure that your message reaches the right audience at the right moment. Then we work with you to design a mail piece.

Determine your mailer design

Lastly, we use cutting-edge printed technology to create high-quality personalized mailers that stand out in a mailbox. We write your mailer with the recipient’s name and other personalized information to make your message impactful that can grab the audience’s attention, and drive engagement.

We Serve Various Categories to Grow your Finance Company or Business?

We believe that direct mail is essential to any successful marketing strategy for financial services companies. Our experts’ team is dedicated to helping you maximize the impact of your direct mail campaigns and achieve your direct marketing goals with proven and effective strategies. Not only one, but we also serve various categories of the finance industry other than insurance or healthcare, these include: 


For banks, we help them to promote their banking products such as credit cards, loans, or mortgages. Bank direct mail marketing allows them to target specific demographics or existing bank customers with personalized offers and incentives.

We as a finance direct mail company enable banking  to focus on prospects who best fit your underlying business goals. Based on the U.S. postal service, people of all ages enjoy receiving highly appealing and personalized mail.

 Direct Mail for your banking can carry your message into the home and communicate one-on-one with individuals. It’s a viable replacement for a retail setting and a conversation starter in a

Credit Card Marketing

We help credit card companies with direct mail to help them acquire new customers and promote credit card offers. These include personalized offers, reward programs, or balance transfer promotions to attract potential cardholders.

Financial Advisor

We provide financial advisors with direct marketing services to help advisors reach potential clients and build relationships. We help them introduce themselves, offer financial services, or provide educational materials on investment strategies through direct mail.

American Litho can help you build and track a finance cross-platform campaign using our suite of digital tools, “Amerlytics.” We have a lot of proven ideas for prospecting, gaining, and retaining finance advisors. We will dig in to find and define targeted audiences with our predictive marketing modeling tool. 

Together, we will work to understand their pain points and motivations and also send them the most relevant direct mail explaining how you can assist them.

We Use Segmentation and Personalization in Financial Mailers

We use segmentation techniques to categorize customers into specific groups based on unique characteristics that identify who to send direct emails to, While using personalization we thoroughly research each customer within a segment and know what to send to them. 

Then we combine both segmentation and personalization that improve the effectiveness of yielding positive results.

American Litho has invested significantly in our digital press platform, giving us the ability to utilize 100% of the print piece, meaning we can provide 100% variability delivering highly personalized, highly relevant direct mail.

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Adding call attributes provides marketers with the data they need for call-related conversions, allowing them to determine which sources are generating the most calls and the most qualified leads. Marketers can use this data to create more optimized and targeted campaigns.

American Litho has hit in-home rates as high as 99%, ask us about our proven process and decades of success. This can give your support team the confidence that the phones will ring when you expect them to.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, Direct marketing is an effective tool for financial advisors as it helps companies reach prospects, build relationships, and establish trust and credibility. 

The response rate of direct mail marketing financial services is more than 37% and tends to leave a long-lasting impression on the audience.

Financial services in direct mail marketing include promoting financial services and products such as banking products, credit card marketing, financial advising, and more. 

At American Litho we provide high-quality printing and mailing services, making your mailers visually appealing, leading to increased engagement and response rates. 

You can track responses via unique codes mentioned in the mailer or by CTA you mentioned to track the number of responses received or increased conversions and ROI. 

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