Data Analytics

Data-driven strategies that identify and engage more customers.

American Litho can boost the success of your mail and omnichannel campaigns you launch Utilizing advanced techniques like Amerlytics, data modelling and data security. We can seamlessly integrate into your strategies, helping you connect with thousands, or even millions, of new customers in your selected markets. This detailed profile empowers us to target the very best prospects in each zip code and community, significantly lifting your response rates while reducing the dollars you spend to acquire new customers.

Mail + digital solutions for greater ROI

The results you achieve with a well-targeted, data-driven mail campaign can be greatly enhanced by adding informed delivery and digital targeting to the overall mix. Our proprietary Smart Zones IP technology enables us to onboard your offline customer data, matching mailing addresses precisely with ISP delivery points.

Our technology does not rely on cookies, which means dramatically higher match and deliverability rates.

Clients in many industries are seeing amazing results with digital outreach campaigns that get more clicks, driving profitable new traffic to e-commerce sites and greatly expanding the impact of their direct mail efforts.

I wanted to personally send out a THANK YOU for the great job on this fast-turn project!

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