Data Analytics

Leverage the brand-building potential of your data.

American Litho has the expertise to translate your marketing ideas into measurable results. Amerilytics,™ our proprietary data analytics suite, gives us the ability to offer you strategic guidance and powerful data solutions.

Our consumer analytics capabilities enable you to deepen relationships with existing customers and identify thousands, even millions of new prospects. We will help you identify and leverage hidden opportunities through a flexible, 5-step process.

  1. Profiling & Modeling
    Pinpoint the unique characteristics within your customer base and discover ways to build new sales while identifying new customers.
  2. Segmentation & Tracking
    Using existing data, group customers based on buying behavior, demographic and lifestyle traits.
  3. Responder Analysis
    Analyze customers who have responded to past campaigns to determine segment performance and overall campaign effectiveness.
  4. Data Management
    Securely house data with scheduled NCOA and CASS/DVP updates while integrating suppression and pre-sort processing using advanced file delivery options.
  5. Direct Mail and Email List Management
    Create, cleanse and manage consumer, business-compiled, resident and specialty lists.

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More specific data analytics solutions.

Amerilytics also enables us to offer you:

Smart Geography Mapping – Quick, easy-to-interpret maps and analysis for clear targeting of your best customers and prospects.

Prospect Miner™ – A solution that drives ROI by combining your current customer data with past response data and advanced data modeling techniques.

Result Tracker™ – A tool for analyzing customer response to individual campaigns based on factors, such as mailing date, offer and total dollar value of resulting purchases, yielding insights you can use to adjust strategy and boost future results.

A-Mail: A double opt-in email verification process linked to a universe of over 120 million email addresses, giving you the power to launch multi-channel strategies from one customer database.


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