Direct Mail Testing

Prove your concept at the lowest possible cost.

How do you know whether customers will respond to your new direct mail package? You don’t – until you give them a chance to respond.

American Litho can help you test new offers, creative approaches and formats with cost-effective production in our short-run digital department, where we can produce thousands of units with virtually the same quality as web offset output.

Measure customer response to new strategies, formats.

Tests can focus on new designs, ad copy, pricing strategies and special offers, giving you the chance to refine before launching a full-scale campaign.

Our format optimization experts will provide you with several options for testing your campaign. They can help you rethink each element of your mailing, from sizes and folding to special effects.

All the resources you need for effective direct mail tests.

Carefully prepared mailing data from our list experts, backed by precision addressing, imprinting, finishing and postal logistics, all support the success of your test campaign.

Thank you for getting this major project to the finish line. You are a class act!

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major national brand

After you’ve studied the results, we’re ready to help you refine your strategy as needed and scale up for full production.

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