Mailing Data Management

Expert, in-house analysis of your mailing data.

When you entrust your customer lists to American Litho, you can feel confident that the security of your data is our highest priority. Customer data may well be your brand’s most valuable asset. When you entrust your data to the experienced team at American Litho, you can feel confident that security is our highest Advanced security protocols assure that your data is safe in our hands. Innovative big-data techniques deliver the insights needed to maximize the return on every campaign you launch.

Secure data management to reduce costs and cycle times.

Our data team will manage every step of sorting, cleansing and securely verifying your list, following procedures developed by our own IT experts to minimize undeliverable mail.
We employ best practices to optimize your consumer, business-compiled, resident, and specialty lists.

We perform thorough NCOA, CASS, DPV and USPS format checks and filter carefully for suppressions.

Presort and other sophisticated tools that put your mailing deeper into the postal stream begin with a thorough analysis of customer lists. We have the in-house expertise to save you money and get your notification into the hands of consumers sooner before they open the mailbox through Informed Delivery

Wow! From format design to scheduling to data, we are SO impressed with your team.

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Combine our list services with Amerlytics – our powerful data analytics capabilities, for maximum leverage and impact with every direct mail campaign.

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