How to focus your prospect targeting with hyper-endemic marketing

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Every brand in the world asks the same question every day: “How do we get the best ROI on our marketing investment?”

In times like these, when people are slowly starting to get back to their normal routines, it feels like an opportune time to address this question. It’s time to either build on the momentum you’ve gained while your customers had to adapt to a new way of purchasing, or rediscover your footing after the nation’s shutdown stalled your brand’s growth.

In week #9 of our Healthy Revenue Series, we will look at a tool that redefines how we target prospects to find more customers while maximizing marketing spend.

Where do you find your prospects?

There was a time when every brand used demographic targeting to build prospect lists, casting wide nets to catch a relatively small number of potential customers. But there are smarter ways to work in today’s market. By targeting people based on their online behaviors, brands like yours have been able to rapidly increase the quality of their prospect lists. The advanced technique we’ll talk about this week shows you how to go even farther.

Recently we discussed the various ways that brands are using geoanalytics to find and target people who visit brick-and-mortar stores. This is an effective means of identifying prospects at a time they are clearly ready to buy.

This time we’ll show you how to find people as they shop online. When we look beyond how typical endemic tactics work, we can not only find the right customers, but we can find them at exactly the right time.

How does hyper-endemic targeting work?

Here’s how the American Litho team is using a hyper-endemic strategy to help top brands build their customer base more quickly and efficiently.

  • Using AmeriScan, our proprietary hyper-endemic platform, we identify people as they search for and visit the top-performing sites in your industry in real time.
  • Following their online signals, we send offers and ads to these prospects.
  • Because they’re already several steps inside your sales funnel — or better yet, your competitors’ funnels — we know they are very interested in the offers and products they are seeking on the web.
  • Using the resulting prospect lists, the AmeriScan platform runs social retargeting campaigns across 80% of the web, intentionally timing ad placements to capitalize on prospects’ readiness to buy.

Why does this strategy work?

Marketing has always been focused on who to reach and how to reach the most qualified prospects. When we add the question of when to reach them, the results can be incredible.

  • Targeting people who are clearly ready to buy now means buying fewer ads and chasing fewer views while converting more prospects to customers.
  • Hyper-endemic tactics help you take advantage of the momentum that other brands in your market have done to drive prospects into their sales Redirecting those customers with intent can save you as much as 65% as compared with costly, click-by-click Ad Words strategies.

The AmeriScan platform continually rebuilds and refreshes your prospect list to ensure the best timing for your campaigns. Pairing the digital elements of a hyper-endemic social campaign with fast-turn print and direct mail elements can send your close rates skyrocketing.

How can your brand benefit from these ideas?

We’ve already seen how much our AmeriScan platform can save our clients in marketing spend and in time. By taking advantage of both this platform and our unique ability to integrate all of our print, mail, and digital services to capitalize on better target lists, many of our leading clients have been able to boost sales conversion and achieve greater marketing ROI.

If you’d like to know more about AmeriScan, reach out to us.

We’re ready to help you see if this proven strategy fits your brand’s needs.

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