Your colors are in good hands with our industry-leading color quality

Color quality and consistency are crucial for every brand.

When American Litho received an anonymous request for a routine color test, we had no idea that a dozen other printers were vying to pass the same test.

We had no way of knowing that we were competing with a group of leading production facilities from across the country. What we did know — and what we’ve known for years — is that color quality and consistency are crucial for every brand.

As a certified G7 Colorspace Master Facility recognized by Idealliance, we felt confident that we would pass the test. Our color quality clearly stood out. A few days later, we earned a 7-figure contract with a global brand that had used the test to find a team devoted to excellence.

Color matters to us, because it matters to your customers

Color consistency goes a long way toward establishing brand identity and building customers’ trust in a brand’s quality and reputation. Research suggests that between 60% and 90% of a customer’s initial brand impressions are based on color alone. With this in mind, ALitho has made it a priority to provide the best possible color quality across our entire production floor.

Idealliance, the organization that sets standards for G7 Colorspace certification, has stood as the global leader in the field of color reproduction for decades. Our G7 Colorspace Master Facility certification — the highest standard of excellence — is a mark of pride for us. It means that, regardless of the press environment or substrate your projects need, your colors will be reproduced accurately every time.

“No matter where in the American Litho plant your job lands, it will meet the highest color standards.”

Tony Ferruzza, Senior VP, Sheetfed & Digital Production

Proper color control matters in terms of timing and budget, too. Every time your production partner has to halt the presses for visual checks or make on-the-spot corrections, your project experiences delays. The level of color consistency we’ve achieved at American Litho means we can minimize those headaches. Our skill and efficiency keep you on schedule and on budget.

Not all G7-certified printers are created equal

G7 Colorspace Master Facility certification means that American Litho has maintained the highest level of excellence in grayscale, primary, and secondary color reproduction across the entire color spectrum, including flesh tones.

As ALitho’s Prepress Director Mike Ferruzza puts it: “We have a proven proof-to-press match that falls into the highest tier of delta-E (a standard that reveals how the human eye perceives color). Our goal is to make sure that consumers see ideal color consistency and quality, always.”

Maintaining the highest color quality standards is simply part of American Litho’s continuous commitment to innovation and excellence. “It’s all part of making certain we’re 100% ready to handle any color-critical project that our clients entrust to us,” says American Litho President Mike Fontana.

If you are looking for a production partner that is devoted to the highest standards of color fidelity, reach out to us. We’d love to show you how our color mastery can help your brand reach its goals.

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