How to reimagine a direct mail campaign for double-digit lift

Healthy Revenue Strategy 8 Lift response rates with sensory appeal

Neuromarketing is the study of how the brain reacts to marketing messages. At American Litho, we follow scientific findings in this area because we want every campaign you create with us to deliver the strongest possible performance.

This week, we’re going to share an emerging case study that shows how one creative team revamped their control to dramatically lift response rates. Their decision-making path will reveal new ways your brand can benefit from the power of multisensory appeal.

Will a new format tell the story better?

Seeing fatigue in their current direct mail control – and knowing that this next fundraising appeal was mission-critical – the creative team knew they had to think differently. Moving away from their traditional No. 10 envelope with letter and reply vehicle was the first step.

Designers came up with a bold new self-mailer to maximize donor involvement. Rich color images of the charity’s field work were paired with messages that drew you deeper into the story as the package unfolded.

The team had read about multisensory marketing and wanted to know: how would adding texture to this package stimulate even stronger response? We were very excited to explore the possibilities with them.

Fitting the format to press and postal requirements

Designers wanted to use a rough texture that told a compelling story about the charity’s good work around the world. They wanted the donor’s hand to feel the texture at all times, no matter how the mail piece was held, opened and read.

Having worked with clients in travel, retail, automotive and financial services on many textured mailings, we were ready to offer cost-effective recommendations. Adding texture right after UV coating is surprisingly affordable, which the creative team was glad to hear, since the mailing list included more than 1 million households.

Our prepress and format optimization experts quickly resolved a few issues. The address imprint was relocated to comply with USPS regulations. Overall size was trimmed back to save manufacturing time and paper stock. Plans for a special plate to smoothly apply the texture right after UV coating were laid out. We confirmed the mailing would qualify for postage discounts offered on campaigns using specialty coatings. 

Test mailing will reveal just how high response rates can go

Holding our prepress sample in their hands after adjustments were made, the creative team was enthusiastic. The sensory appeal of the finished piece was undeniable. No matter how you held the mail piece, you could feel the texture – triggering a strong desire to give to this charity’s humanitarian mission.

Efficient planning helped us produce and ship a test mailing to selected households within days. And though we won’t have response data for another 4 weeks, industry figures suggest this new package will deliver a 20% to 30% lift. (We’ll update this post as results come in so you can see the results.)

Tapping the power of neuromarketing for your brand

What compelling story can you tell by appealing to the consumer’s senses?

The answers are as unique as your brand. We are ready to put our entire toolbox of neuromarketing techniques to work for you with suggestions that can make an immediate and measurable difference in campaign performance.

Contact us now for a full review of your control – or 360-degree consulting on new concepts you may be developing.

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