Turning past in-store foot traffic into future sales and engagement

Using Geoanalytics

How are you feeling about sales, engagement, and revenues?

If you’re wondering how you can pull a rabbit out of a hat right now, you’re not alone. Many brands that rely on foot traffic in their brick-and-mortar locations are realizing they need to take action and keep customers engaged.

At American Litho, we believe the right strategy CAN work magic, even in challenging times. So we’re bringing you the strategic tools and perspectives you need to make it work for your organization.

We’ve previously highlighted the value of print retargeting, which can turn abandoned online shopping carts into new sales. And now this tool geoanalytics – a powerful method for turning existing customer data into new opportunities.

A closer look at geoanalytics

This is a group of data-driven techniques that take advantage of digital signals in and around a specific geographic location. Examples might include retail stores, wholesale outlets or venues where you’re hosting a special event.

Essentially, this technology captures signals from mobile phones of people who have visited the location(s) you want to target. With this data in hand, you can reach back out to these individuals with fresh messages driving them anywhere you want them to go (including a website product page or FAQ).

Right now, with most people spending more time at home, most marketers are sending customers through to their websites, where they are looking to strengthen online sales and generate revenue.

How exactly does this strategy work?

Here’s how the American Litho team is using geoanalytics to help top brands reach millions of known customers who are working and relaxing at home.

  • Using Amerlytics®, our proprietary data analytics suite, we scan geographic and mobile phone data to create a comprehensive list of people who visited the brick-and-mortar locations you identify. Data from the past 6 months is used to get a healthy sample of customers who’ve dropped in recently.
  • Brick-and-mortar foot traffic data is fed into our digital marketing system, which sends NEW offers out to customers via text. (You’re in full compliance with Telephone Consumer Protection Act regulations because every text message is individually sent.)
  • The messages drive customers to your website, where they can take advantage of discounts, special offers, and featured products.

Past foot traffic is transformed into new sales and higher levels of customer engagement that make the most of your marketing spend.

What are the benefits?

Here’s why so many of our biggest clients are rapidly adopting geotargeting strategies.

  • Analyzing past foot traffic leads you directly to people who already identify as customers. These are often the household influencers who make up to 85% of all household purchases.
  • This is an efficient approach that makes the most of your marketing spend. ROI is likely to be higher, because you’re targeting the right people at the right time with highly relevant messaging.
  •    Geoanalytics can also be paired with print and digital retargeting for even stronger results — with response rates as high as 28%!

Here’s a refresher on that strategy, in case you missed it.

We are uniquely equipped to help you with your geoanalytics strategy


We are very proud that American Litho is the ONLY direct marketer offering the unique geoanalytics that drive this integrated strategy. We have the data, web and print firepower you need to boost sales, engagement and revenues, even in times like these.

If you see value in this solution, please know we are ready to help.

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