Coming soon to Carol Stream: the first HP T-250 system in the nation

HP T-250 page Wide Digital Press at American Litho
Just a year ago, American Litho announced the addition of HP’s T-240 HD Digital Press to our production floor, bringing unprecedented speed, quality and flexibility on board to serve your brand-building needs. Since then, we’ve reached the highest volume of digital impressions running on HP systems anywhere in the country. Today we’re proud to announce that, once again, ALitho is expanding its digital capacity to keep pace with your needs. Over the next several weeks, we’ll make room for HP’s brand-new T-250 HD Digital Press in our Carol Stream facility. We take great pride in being the first production team in North America to adopt T-250 technology – and we can’t wait to show you what this amazing new system can do for you. What makes the HP T-250 different?
  • More vibrant colors. The T-250 system features a new line of Brilliant Inks – the key to phenomenal color reproduction. You’ll see greater depth, intensity and fidelity, and even more lifelike flesh tones. This system can create glossier color fields that often exceed the effects achieved with gloss stocks.
Paired with our industry-leading color management, this means:
  • More substrate options. The T-250 widens your choice of stocks dramatically. Choose from an unprecedented array of coated and uncoated substrates, opening a whole new horizon of creative possibilities.
  • Even greater speed. High-speed digital print power with full-view capabilities allow our operators to see what the press is doing in real time at full speed. Rapid, accurate operation means we can handle your tightest turnaround times.
  • 100% variable printing. Like the T-240, this new system gives you the power to customize images and messaging anywhere in the finished print piece, making this the ideal way to produce data-driven campaigns for maximum response rates and engagement.
How can American Litho’s commitment to the latest technology help your brand thrive? American Litho wants to be the brand-building partner you trust to manage your most creative, time-sensitive marketing campaigns. This is why, for decades, we’ve aimed to lead the way in print and customer acquisition technologies. The HP T-250 gives us digital capabilities no other production team can match. Paired with our Amerlytics™ data suite, these strengths make American Litho the right team to handle the data-driven marketing initiatives that drive your results and improve your ROI. We are excited to show you how we can put the new HP T-250 to work for your next project. If you’d like to know more, contact us below. We’re excited to explore the possibilities with you.
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