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Direct Mail Retargeting with Amerilytics

Direct mail retargeting is a cost-effective way to connect with customers who have already shown interest in your products and services, based on their digital signals. The DMA reports that direct mail retargeting has a response rate of close to 25%, compared to the digital retargeting ad click rate of .06%. So what is direct mail retargeting and how does it work to drive engagement across all channels?

What is Direct Mail Retargeting?

In the world of direct mail, retargeting and remarketing are interchangeable terms. Both describe the process of engaging a customer right after a website visit using a triggered direct mail piece.

American Litho’s proven retargeting processes gather and cross-reference signals that show each customer’s intent, based on their web search patterns. This triggers a custom mail piece that is personalized and highly relevant.

How Does Retargeting Work?

  1. Customers visit your website, clicking on products they like, possibly placing some items in their shopping cart.
  2. They leave without making a purchase.
  3. Our system tracks all activity, noting any items in the cart.
  4. Real-time data triggers the creation of a personalized piece aligned with the customer’s interests.
  5. The mail piece arrives in the customer’s hands within days, giving them an exciting reason to buy.

Why Does Retargeting Work?

EFFICIENT. The average website only converts 2% of all traffic into sales. Retargeting helps you reach the other 98%!

COST-EFFECTIVE. Retargeting focuses your marketing spend on people who already know your brand and want what you’re selling.

HIGHLY RELEVANT. Because it follows the customer’s signals in real time, relevance is strong – and so is ROI.

EXCITING. Customers love the look and feel of print! The products they already love come alive in the mail piece, stimulating interest – and action.

POWERFUL. The process also gathers email addresses so you can build new audiences and follow up in other channels.

MOBILE-FRIENDLY. You can gather even more leads by tracking customer visits to stores, special events and other locations via geofencing and other techniques.

Why Work with American Litho?

  • Amerlytics, our powerful data analytics suite, adds power and precision to your retargeting program
  • High-speed generation of personalized mail pieces in our blazing-fast digital print environment (both sheet fed and roll to roll)
  • Everything under one roof for data security, speed and efficiency
  • One point of contact for fast, responsive answers whenever you need us

Need more convincing? Click here for a case study EOM book – Direct Mail Retargeting from the USPS on how a “How a Beach Resort used personalized mail to drive customers to complete an online booking.

Read our ALitho Retargeting with Amerlytics PDF to learn more about this powerful tool.

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