Now more than ever, relevance is critical for success!

Ameriltics, stay relevant

In today’s evolving climate, staying relevant with powerful offers across all channels is vital to your success.

At American Litho, we have a proven process that looks like this:



How does it work?

Dynamic Data – Our proven process on-boards and anonymizes first party and third party data at scale, identifying new audiences with specific intent to purchase. Technically speaking (geek alert), we assign a persistent ID within DSPs allowing for endemic audience targeting at scale.

Powerful Platform – Our new trigger campaign ready, digital direct mail platform powered by the HP T-240 with 100% variable and personalization is the perfect companion to this strategy. Highly personalized mail can be delivered within a short window.


How are you connecting to customers?

AmeriSweep – Unlike IP targeting firms that require first party data or purchased data to generate a model based upon ability an propensity, we do not need any data at all. We simply need the clients top endemic audience sites (competitors, industry reviews, aggregator sites, booking site, etc.) from a simple website. We can generate an audience at scale that can demonstrate INTENT to buy in REAL TIME.  It’s not a look alike model, these are consumer who have self-identified and are deep in the sales funnel; that you can capture!

GPS Targeting – in general modern cell phones can be accurate up to 4.9 meters under open skies. using the GPS receiver on a cell phone American Litho can cross reference our GPD date with beacon. Wi-Fi data and tighten that accuracy from 4.9 meters to mere inches.


What results will you see?

Smarter lists, higher response rates, increased sales, shorter cycle times and greater control over campaign costs.


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