Leveraging the Best Ideas from the National Postal Forum

Leveraging the Best Ideas from the National Postal Forum

We came home from last month’s National Postal Forum in Anaheim with fresh knowledge and ideas that we’re rapidly putting to work for you. Here’s how we’re working with Truman Pope and the American Litho postal logistics team to help you take advantage of the best opportunities.

When he wasn’t immersed in courses leading to his new Mail Design Professional designation with USPS, Truman was going deep on eInduction, the option that streamlines acceptance of drop shipments to give you greater speed and control over your mailings.

With eInduction, USPS uses surface visibility (SV) scanners to scan container barcodes at acceptance facilities. The process totally eliminates PS Forms 8125 and 8017, saving time on both ends. We can now prepare your shipment in-house, validate through our Detached Mail Unit and send it via cost-effective trucking options, knowing USPS will confirm the minute it arrives and take advantage of peaks and valleys in mailing volumes to handle your mailpieces with maximum efficiency.


Truman Pope (Center) with members of the ALitho lettershop team

Truman adds that eInduction helps Standard Mail perform better than ever, letting direct marketers choose a specific in-home date or a range of dates for strongest relevancy. It’s a reflection of USPS’s total commitment to high-tech solutions that will not only boost efficiency but also deliver true end-to-end visibility, giving you rich data to improve planning and results over time.

Though eInduction has been around since November 2013, the Postal Service reports that only half of all drop shipments are using it right now. We can’t figure out why that rate isn’t higher! If you’re ready to take full advantage of this option with 100% of your container mailings, ask us how.

Another great opportunity we came across is the 2015 Mail Drives Mobile Engagement Program, which will give you an upfront 2% postage discount on Standard Mail letters and flats bearing a mobile barcode or other print-to-mobile technology leading the recipient to a mobile-optimized website where they can complete a transaction.

Mobile Engagement

Highlights of how it works:

  • Mailpiece recipients must be able to purchase an advertised product from the website.
  • The mailpiece must include text next to the barcode or image, explaining how consumers can scan or access the site and what they will find on the landing page.
  • Mailers can register now through December 31, 2015 and earn discounts on mailings sent from July 1 through December 31.
  • All Standard Mail letters and flats and Nonprofit Standard Mail letters and flats are eligible.

Mobile engagement has been high on our agenda for some time now – and we’re pleased to show you this cool demo. Just text ALITHO to 847-00 and you’ll see how we’ve made 3 favorite print engagement devices fresh and relevant for today.

How can our integrated direct marketing team help you get more from every mailing?

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Frank Arostegui and Sam Dentino are American Litho’s dynamic duo of direct marketing, bringing more than 40 years of experience to their roles. They work closely with Truman Pope, our senior director of lettershop operations, to serve clients in retail, financial services, insurance, consumer goods manufacturing, non-profit development and many other fields.

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