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Direct Marketing

Greater relevance for brand-building results.

We will partner with you to improve every element of your direct marketing program.

Right offer, right customer, right time, lowest possible price.

At ALitho, that’s how we define direct mail excellence. It’s an ambitious goal – one we work in total partnership with you to achieve.

Results flow from a thorough understanding how hard every direct mail dollar must work to engage your customers before the competition does.

Postage: more than half your direct marketing budget.

To maximize postage savings, we explore print formats that trim production costs and qualify you for more discounts. Our postal logistics team extends your savings even further with direct entry, co-palletization and co-mingling strategies.

Data: precision and insight for greater ROI.

ALitho sorts, cleanses and verifies your mailing data in-house to assure total security. By adding the big-data power of Amerilytics, we can pinpoint new prospects based on everything your data reveals about the customers you already have. Both services save money as they boost the relevancy and precision of your direct marketing campaign.

Creative appeal: standing out in the mailbox.

Our seamless, in-line manufacturing methods make your creative concepts come alive. We align our processes with your requirements for fast, cost-effective production. Innovative formats and dazzling special effects expand your toolbox, helping you capture the customer’s attention and loyalty.

Logistics: speeding you into the postal stream.

The finishing and logistics experts in our Lettershop know USPS regulations inside and out. Every step in the sorting, addressing and final packing of your campaign is designed for speed and savings. And with on-site USPS verification, we get you out the door and into the customer’s home faster.


A regional grocery chain with 200+ stores wanted to improve the look of monthly mailings to 600,000 customers in its loyalty program. ALitho’s production experts sharpened low-quality images to 600 dpi, relieving the CRM team’s chief source of pain. But we didn’t stop there. Our experts created an alternate format to boost production efficiency and relevance. We presented prototypes showing exactly how the finished product would look and feel in the customer’s hands. The team immediately voted to go forward. The new program took just 30 days to launch, from first concept to first drop – and the CRM team reports that response rates continue to trend up month over month.


Cycle time cut by 6 days | 28% reduction in monthly mailing costs | 6% gross increase in sales


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