Keepin’ it real: why digital natives love print

Why digital natives love print

You’ve heard about the love affair with old-school vinyl recordings. Turns out its main proponents aren’t Baby Boomers grooving on their college album collections. Research from MusicWatch shows this trend is driven by a whole new wave of aficionados under 35, who account for 72% of surging vinyl sales.

We believe digital natives (including Millennials) heart vinyl for the same reasons they prefer to read on paper. Digital can be awesome, but real goods feed the senses. Vinyl’s sound is warmer and richer in the same way that print delivers exceptional color, texture, and now, even scent in ways that digital never will.

In a great post we’re sharing with you again, blogger Larry McDermott says that print adds more cowbell to any multichannel strategy. We think print’s unique sensory appeal is one big reason this strategy works so well.


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