Are you engaging your customers in real time?

Engage your customers in real-time

We were blown away by the findings of this recent Accenture survey.

Who would have guessed there’d be such a huge gap between what leading U.S. retailers deliver and what shoppers actually want?

The survey shows that 47% of all customers want up-to-the-minute information on new products, discounts and special orders while they’re in the store. One-third want to use mobile devices to scan coupons and other special offers. Of those, 42% want to be able to redeem mobile coupons instantly at checkout.

With the technology available today, these wishes shouldn’t be hard to fulfill. Yet only 7% of all retailers said they were ready to deliver real-time offers and information via mobile.

Wherever you are in the process of engaging mobile customers, we have a program we hope you’ll consider.

American Litho has developed Interactive Mobile Technology that can help you close the gap between what customers want and what you’re giving them now. This unique, print-to-mobile system reaches shoppers in the store, at home or out in the world. You can use IMT to:

  • Draw shoppers into your stores and keep them there longer
  • Grow basket size by calling attention to a wider array of products
  • Capture new demographic data you can use in dozens of ways

Power up everything you print – and link it to your customer’s phone

The core of our system is an invisible coding technology that can be embedded in any print piece. IMT eliminates ugly QR codes, making the entire surface of your mailer, in-store display, catalog or poster mobile-friendly.

Customers can point, scan and instantly receive any message you choose — whether that’s a coupon, a BOGO offer or even a style or DIY tip. (Imagine sharing an Instagram post of your high-fashion product in a popular style blog … or a home repair expert’s advice, featuring your brand of paint, tools or floor covering.)

Geolocation is another key component of IMT’s value to your brand. Once you’ve captured customers’ mobile info, you’ll be able to deliver real-time offers to them whenever they’re within a few miles of your store. Messages can be tailored to a single region, city or even a single retail location.

Once shoppers enter the store, you can send them new messages about what’s on special. Deliver m-coupons, draw them to a live product demo or introduce them to a new product. Customers can redeem coupons by handing their mobile phones to the cashier, giving your retail staff another opportunity to thank them for coming in.

More customer data for stronger sales, greater loyalty

Get-to-give campaigns are a breeze with IMT. We can help you set up a series of music downloads that help you capture new data points such as customer birthdays, zip codes, product preferences and more. This is an ideal way to engage Millennials and Centennials, who make up a growing share of your sales.

Speaking of customer research, here’s a great study from Crowdtwist on loyalty programs that confirms a few interesting trends:

  • 20% of all retail customers are Centennials, born in 1998 or later, and together they have $44 billion in spending power.
  • Millennials and Centennials want to access loyalty programs through mobile devices. Making your loyalty program work on all channels is the challenge of the future.
  • Personalization of offers is crucial – which means the more accurate customer data you have, the more successful you can be.

Your app, only better

Many top brands and retailers already have mobile apps, and we think that’s great. IMT is designed to enhance your current app, making your mobile outreach program more responsive and powerful. You don’t have to take advantage of every feature. In fact, we encourage you to do a limited test of this new technology to see how it works for you.

Wondering how IMT might play out in the context of your mobile engagement strategy? We’re glad to meet with you to share a live demo of IMT and discuss the possibilities.

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