How to rethink every element of your mail campaign for amazing results

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Marketing guru Seth Godin says that before we can be seen, we ourselves need to know how to see.A very good reminder not to get so close to our own marketing efforts that we lose sight of where they might be falling short.

Still, in the current business climate, you might not have much time for analysis, brainstorming, and retooling your direct mail control.

But you might have time to consider the three straightforward questions we’re sharing with you this week. These are some of the starting points we use in working with leading brands to stimulate the fresh thinking that leads directly to better results and revenues with your direct mail campaign.

1. Does your creative strategy do more than just grab attention? No doubt you’ve tested and re-tested various direct mail offers to pinpoint which one is strongest. But after the data came in, did you challenge the creative team to rethink images, layout, and headlines for maximum appeal? In direct mail marketing, we have 3 seconds to capture the recipient’s eye. This earns us another 30 seconds to convince the reader our offer has value. A bold creative strategy that clarifies and builds excitement around a great offer will win every time.

2. Is your format exciting AND efficient? The answer depends on another kind of creative thinking: format optimization. This is the art and science of rethinking your control, looking for ways to speed production and trim costs.

Let’s say your fashion mailing features a stunning image viewed through a window envelope with a BOGO coupon inside. Could a well-designed self-mailer get the same message into the customer’s hands sooner?

That’s the question we asked a major clothing retailer last week when we delivered a full-scale mockup showing the exact images, inks, and stocks our format team recommends. The review team loved the quality shown in our redesigned package. But what mattered most was the dramatic reduction in cycle times, which they knew would lift response rates.

3. Are you reaching customers at the peak of interest?
Fast, efficient production matters. But getting into the mailbox sooner also depends on:

The right postal optimization strategy
The most efficient logistics
Data accuracy and analytics
The crucial role of geography, which can make or break campaign timeliness

A 360-degree review can align you with all best practices
Control fatigue is a constant problem in direct marketing. But the source of fatigue isn’t always obvious, no matter how much effort your team has put in.
This is where an all-in review by direct mail experts can make a tremendous difference. Asking a team to evaluate your current mailing – from audience data to offer and format to postal logistics – can help you formulate a 360-degree strategy for improvement.

At American Litho, we perform these reviews free of charge every business day. It’s part of the all-in thinking that makes us one of the fastest-growing direct marketers in the country, ranked high in Printing Impressions’ prestigious Top 400.

For a glimpse of what all-in thinking can do for you, view this video. And if you’re interested in saving time, money, and adding creative appeal for healthier revenues, give us a call.

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