Making promises is easy. Delivering takes a lot more work.

That’s the theme behind this video case study with Brian Johnson, the first in a series we will share with you this year.

Brian explains the process of diving deeper into the details of a catalog mailing, looking for every possible way to manufacture and ship the project with greater efficiency.

Working every part of the equation, Brian and the ALitho team saved this Fortune 100 company $3.3 million a year while cutting cycle times in half and improving the look and feel of their catalog.

The all-in thinking Brian brought to this campaign reveals the way we do business at ALitho. We’re not here to serve as just your printer. Instead, we’re your partner in pursuing total quality, cost-efficiency and stronger customer engagement.

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Brian Johnson is Vice President of Sales with American Litho.
He brings decades of experience to the challenge of improving every print and direct marketing project. Reach him through our Contact Us page.