We’ve added MORE digital firepower to elevate your next print project

We've added MORE digital firepower to elevate your next print project

American Litho never stops investing in new print technologies that will help you engage thousands, even millions of new customers with greater efficiency and impact. We are thrilled to announce the arrival of HP’s PageWide Web Press T240 HD on our production floor, as recently reported in What They Think.

HP’s state-of-the-art system opens the door to amazing new possibilities. Let’s say you’re producing a full-color mailing with variable content throughout. Your design includes the customer’s name in several different locations, plus custom images and offers based on known buying preferences. HP’s roll-to-roll technology rapidly lays down your main content, followed by seamless, high-speed customization on the same system.

American Litho HP T240 signature

American Litho President Mike Fontana (center) signed for the new HP PageWide Web Press T240 HD at Inkjet Summit 2019, in Jacksonville, FL. Perfect integration with our Amerlytics data suite means accuracy and efficiency in personalizing each piece. Offline finishing steps can be handled anywhere in the plant, helping us accelerate cycle times to get you out the door even sooner with fresher, more relevant product news and offers.

HP’s latest generation of color and image technology means even sharper, more detailed images and uncompromising color consistency. The system also accepts virtually every category of paper stocks from 8 to 22 inches wide for tremendous design flexibility you won’t see with other web presses.

ALitho is proud to be among the front-runners with this new technology, ready to take your print projects to the next level. We welcome the opportunity to show you exactly how the HP PageWide Web Press T240 HD can transform your next direct mail appeal or catalog run.

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