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The Brand Energy blog is ALitho's take on marketing in a competitive world and how we can do it better together. Every couple of weeks, we'll send you sparks of inspiration on topics ranging from retail merchandising strategies to direct mail ROI to the newest developments in printing technology and their value in building your brand. Look for our thoughts on industry trends, lots of success stories and lessons learned that can help all of us think and work smarter.

Direct Mail Retargeting to maximize your total marketing spend!

Direct Mail Retargeting is a cost-effective way to connect with customers allowing you to send out personalized mail pieces automatically based on customers’ digital behavior. Need more convincing? The DMA says Direct Mail Retargeting has a response rate of close to 25%, compared to the digital retargeting ad click rate of . 06%. So, what is Direct Mail Retargeting… [Read More]

New tech adds even more excitement and appeal for your next print project

Specialty Coatings for Digital Just Got Better at American Litho

New custom coater from Harris & Bruno adds even more sensory appeal to campaigns running on our HP T240 HD system! Recognized as the highest volume of digital impressions of any startup HP printer nationwide.