VIDEO: Why run in circles? We’ve got you covered

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Mike Fontana President, American Litho

A few months back I shared some thoughts on growth with you, explaining why American Litho has expanded at a time when so many others say the printing industry is shrinking.

The reasons we’re growing are simple – and they have everything to do with your brand.

In a multichannel world, print remains an indispensable tool in reaching your chosen customers. But there’s even greater pressure to make sure every dollar you invest in print and direct mail will deliver maximum results.

To us, that’s a clear call for integrated processes that save you time and money while increasing the impact of your marketing message.

We hope you’ll like this new video. It reaffirms why we’re widening the circle of services we offer – and how we hope to create an even stronger partnership with you in 2016.

Mike Fontana


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