VIDEO: Why all-in pricing makes sense for our direct mail clients

Direct mail pricing

Print costs alone won’t tell you the whole story when it comes to evaluating the total cost-efficiency of your direct mail campaign. That’s why American Litho now offers all-in cost estimates for brands that want to see the bigger picture.

This approach takes into account every step involved in creating your mailing, from list cleansing and verification to print manufacturing to postal optimization and logistics. The bottom line is a total cost per piece (TCPP), revealing what you will pay to reach every single customer on your mailing list.

Why are we offering all-in pricing — and what’s in it for you?

The answer goes back to the fundamental challenges we both face. Speed, efficiency and ROI are absolutely critical in your world and in ours.

All-in pricing is our way of proving our commitment to work harder for you every step of the way. It reflects the big-picture thinking we bring to your campaign and the total savings we’re ready to help you achieve.

In looking at all this, there’s one point I want to emphasize. A project bid is only as good as the people behind it.

The costs you receive from American Litho are detailed and transparent, without hidden charges that only add to your total expense. We are 100% dedicated to giving you the most efficient plan, backed by the best price we can possibly offer in all areas. And that commitment to do our best will be reflected in the way we handle every detail of every campaign you entrust to us.

This new video tells you more about the total cost per piece option.

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