A Primer on the USPS 2023 Tactile, Sensory, & Interactive Promotion

USPS 2023 TSi Promotion

The USPS 2023 Tactile, Sensory, & Interactive Promotion can benefit companies looking to increase brand recall and drive conversions. By incorporating one or more mailer treatments to create a multi-sensory experience, you can create mailers that will profoundly affect customer behavior. In fact, customers who engage with direct mail develop a 70% higher brand recall than if exposed to digital mail (Canada Post). And when multisensory marketing is utilized to encourage prolonged interaction with mailer pieces, this percentage only rises.

If you’re looking to tap into the power of multi-sensory marketing keep reading to discover how American Litho can help you capitalize on the USPS 2023 TSI Promotion.

What is the USPS 2023 Tactile, Sensory, & Interactive Promotion?

The TSI promotion allows businesses to receive up to a 5% discount on eligible postage for USPS Marketing mail letters/flats, First-Class mail letters/cards/ flats, and Non-profit USPS Marketing mail/letters/ flats.

To receive this discount, the marketing mailers must utilize one or more multisensory effects such as:

  • Specialty Inks that amplify the customer’s engagement and value of the mailpiece include but are not limited to conductive, thermochromic, photochromic, optically variable, piezoceramic, hydro chromic, and metallic inks.
  • Sensory Treatments which trigger engagement of any of the five senses through utilizing scent, sound, taste, visual, and textural treatments.
  • Interactive elements which improve the customer interaction experience. For example, 3-D, pop-ups, scratch offs, or infinite folding elements that the customer can physically manipulate.

Registration began January 9th and lasts until July 31st and overlaps the promotional period of February 1st-July 31st.  Full Promotion Details

Save Big By Utilizing American Litho to Claim Your Discount

American Litho’s elevated in-line printing capabilities are here to help you create multi-sensory magic with your mailers. From glitter to scent, UV coatings that change colors with light exposure, and more – American Litho can create a memorable mailer that is discount eligible.

American Litho is a leading expert in the direct mail field. We combine our in-depth knowledge of direct mail marketing with extensive experience of navigating USPS regulations, procedures, formats, and discounts to provide your company with the strongest competitive edge possible. If you’re looking to explore multisensory marketing while saving on postage, we’re ready to help.

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