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Printing Impressions 2022 Top Honors for American Litho

American Litho is honored to be recognized as a Top 5 US direct mail print & digital communications company by PI World.  We are committed to staying ahead of the curve when it comes to technology, innovation and adding value to your bottom line.

That’s why we’ve expanded our pressroom firepower with the addition of the HP T490 HD PageWide Digital Web Press, designed to provide high-quality digital web printing at faster rates than ever before with 100% variable data capabilities.

The 42-inch PageWide Web Press T490 HD is the industry’s most productive digital color duplex press, delivering up to 1,000 feet per minute in performance mode, a 67 percent speed increase, and 500 fpm in quality mode. With its print quality and production speed, the press enables expansion into high-end color Direct Mail,  trade books and photo books, brochures, magazines and retail catalogs, advancing inkjet printing from niche applications to mainstream commercial print.

High-Definition Nozzle Architecture (HDNA) for HP inkjet printing delivers high quality without compromising on productivity.

This acquisition, combined with our already robust digital print platform and digital nearline finishing, allows us to maintain one of the most dynamic digital print platforms in the country capable of producing tens of millions of high-quality digital Direct Mail packages per month.

We have invested significantly in our digital print technology to leverage the power of data-driven print as a driver and to show the actual value we are adding to a customers bottom line. Direct Mail has the greatest average ROI of all channels at 112%, and as the levels of personalization are increased, response, conversion and ROI are even greater, as shown in the recent *USPS Marketing Impact Survey.

Amerlytics is an opti-channel platform that will allow customers to effectively track responses and conversions across all marketing channels in real-time, complete with a return on investment calculator, customers can accurately attribute direct mail spend to multi-channel sales (including digital). Further, this data will support informed conversion tracking and effective response models.

Tracking implementation tactics will include the use of QR codes, PURLS, Augmented Reality, website traffic and other cutting-edge techniques that qualify for significant postal discount savings through Emerging Technology and the new Retargeting USPS promotions.

We are empowering brand builders with the concrete revenues generated by direct mail, proving insights on retargeting in real-time and ultimately improving return on investment through an enhanced understanding of the partnership between direct and digital marketing.

Additionally, we will continue to expand on Amerlytics’ proprietary suite of digital marketing tools, using data analytics to find new audiences, create deeper customer engagement and build greater brand loyalty.

American Litho is your strategic direct and digital marketing partner!

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