Top 5 ranking reflects 5 points of commitment to catalog success

ALitho PI World Top Five Catalog

Everyone here at American Litho is thrilled to see that Printing Impressions has ranked our company among the top 5 catalog producers in the nation.

We are very proud of this recognition, along with our double-digit growth in catalog and direct mail production. The way we see it, our success reflects the strategic conversations we have with our clients at the beginning of every catalog project. We’re not satisfied with anything less than total quality, relevancy and cost efficiency – and we actively look for brands that share this commitment with us.

Here is the 5-point strategy we follow to create powerful ROI for our catalog clients.

  1. Printing excellence is where it all begins. Every catalog should have rich, multisensory appeal to engage the customer and build excitement around the brand. Brilliant visual effects with expert color management and 100% consistency in meeting the brand’s identity standards is the founding objective.
  2. Advanced data thinking, encompassing techniques such as predictive modeling, is the second crucial element. Harnessing and maximizing data insights is more important than ever as all brands push to reach wider audiences at lower total costs.
  3. Postal optimization is the next essential step. It’s impossible to overstate its importance, since postage costs typically total 2 to 5 times as much as printing. Catalog mailings must be planned to take advantage of full USPS discounts and logistical techniques that trim costs and accelerate delivery.
  4. Powerful message personalization is an opportunity we seek to leverage for all catalog clients. Imagine what can happen when every printed piece entering the mail stream carries a unique message aimed at the recipient’s known preferences and desires. Catalog offers shaped to fit customer preferences can ignite engagement and lead to double-digit boosts in response rates.
  5. Efficiency and integration is the discipline of bringing the first 4 commitments together in the hands of a coordinated team, empowered to do their absolute best for you. When you work with American Litho, the elements of quality printing, data, postal optimization and personalization are handled seamlessly under one roof to reduce cycle times and maximize cost savings for you.

This is how we can help you win in the catalog space and in every space. Because we know that, in today’s world, your catalog campaign is just one element in an omnichannel strategy that must be carried out with consistency and excellence.

For us, earning a top 5 ranking in a very competitive industry means never believing that “good” is good enough. This is why top brands in all major verticals choose us as their print and omnichannel partners.

Can your brand benefit from our all-in thinking? Is your current marketing partner talking to you about total cost per piece and other big-picture ways of measuring direct marketing ROI?

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