Does a Midwest Location Give Marketers a Strategic Edge?

TruStories with Truman Pope, American Litho

How does American Litho’s Midwest location give marketers a strategic advantage?

Introducing TruStories! Industry interviews and insights from Truman Pope, MDP, Director of Planning/National Postal Affairs MTAC at American Litho.

Truman recently caught up with Jeremy Larson, Director of Transportation at Enru, to discuss the advantages of distributing print from the Midwest.

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Truman: Can you tell us what exactly makes the Bolingbrook area so unique for shipping?

Jeremy: In a number of ways, Chicago is in a perfect position. You can reach nearly anywhere in the continental US within 24-48 hours. This is due to a few factors: trucks can get in and out of the Midwest Corridor more easily than the east and west coasts, for example. Plus, the Chicago rail system is the largest in the country, offering a nice option for exploring mode flexibility. Chicago has two major airports as well, with ORD being one of the largest in the world for shipping.

Thanks to all of these advantages, we’ve expanded our operations to support the growth of American Litho, with operations in Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, York (PA), Pico-Stockton, and Portland. In those locations, we’re able to consolidate the mail and get it where it needs to go in a cost-effective manner.

DID YOU KNOW? American Litho utilizes a combination of direct entry and commingling to achieve the lowest possible all in per piece cost = postage + freight/fees.

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Truman: What are some benefits to working with American Litho?

Jeremy: Having a partner that understands the importance of planning and advanced mail stream planning is key. With access to multiple modes we can take advantage of flexibility if we plan ahead. Having viable options isn’t the case anywhere else in the US. American Litho is one of the highest volume direct mail printers in the country, collective volumes help us gain efficiency and lower costs. Enru’s volumes in Bolingbrook are typically 120 shipments a day, compared to Atlanta, at around 20 to 30. So clearly, we’ve been able to move much more print.

Truman: Have you found American Litho specifically to be a good partner?

Jeremy: Absolutely. American Litho understands that mail is time sensitive, and they do an excellent job working with their customers on a solid mailing strategy and communicating with us on the dates they are trying to hit. The entire team at ALitho makes sure we are all on the same page, resulting in a great partnership. And their amazing shrink wrap doesn’t hurt!

Truman: Thank you Jeremy for your time today! 

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