ALitho and HP Continue to Power Up the Digital Tech

HP T-490 at ALitho
It’s been two years since the arrival of the HP PageWide Web Press T250 HD. In that time we set the single month (national) record for digital print impressions on the T250.  Today, HP and American Litho have a new shared vision as we power up the latest in digital press technology. This innovative addition brings together flawless high-speed production with 100% variability to meet our customers’ demands for data driven, highly-targeted, direct marketing campaigns.

The T490 in the Works

Last week HP started final preparations (images below) for our all-new HP T490 PageWide Web Press and expects to have it installed and operational in our Carol Stream press room May 1st, 2022. Seeing this machine in action has been nothing short of incredible as it allows for continuous adjustment and alignment to ensure high-quality coloring throughout a print run.

Bringing Productivity Tech to the Next Level

Whether you are printing direct mail or any type of commercial print the HP T490 PageWide Web Press brings drastically increases productivity and speeds up to new standards (at unbeatable quality) thanks to features like the all-new high-definition nozzle architecture (HDNA). Simply put, we’re adding the fire power necessary to exceed your expectations on quality and delivery. “The advantage is the T490 will run twice as fast (as our 2-T250’s) at double the output, double the speed, with excellent quality. Our big brand customers understand the need for shorter cycle times to increase the relevance on the data-driven campaigns were running for them. Plus the double width gives us greater capacity, efficiency and flexibility” Mike Fontana, President, American T490 is one of four models in the T400 series offering unlimited printing possibilities. We think it’s the ultimate way to expand your reach and grow your audience. Upgrades and Features:
    • Performance Mode allows for printing of 305 meters/min or 1000 feet per minute. This gives you the producing capability of 500,000 color full cover pages an hour. Or 210 million letter sized images per month.
    • 8X Nozzle Redundancy delivers Thermal Inkjet Technology allowing for HDNA to deliver top-quality images with smooth skin tones, incredible shadowing, and vibrant colors for ultimate imaging. Delivered metrics include 2400 nozzles per inch native resolution and dual drop weight precision.
    • 42-inch width increases application allows for printing options from posters to banners or magazine covers. Ability to print on coated offset materials.

The Model Design and Walkthrough

Let’s take a tour of our new press.

Key Features – let’s really geek out on the T490 press.

HP-T490 Overview on
  1. The Rewinder allows for your 1000 feet per minute, or an upgraded version labeled the ContiWeb CR-N allows for non-stop enhanced productivity.
  2. With all this production power technology stays up to date thanks to real-time print quality monitoring with the HP Quick Vision system. This allows for smart technology to let you focus on what matters the most, creativity and branding.
  3. At the top of our machine, we have the Printing Station 2 using HP Thermal Inkjet with HP A50 Inks.
  4. To ensure that the machine is doing well at the other end we have a user-operator system to monitor the press health as well as the tasks at hand.
  5. After heading through the turn bar,
  6. The pages take advantage of enhanced dryer technology by utilizing IR heat and convected air to dry different media weights and ranges. This allows for the high-speed production with unwavering quality.
  7. Finally, the print reaches the Print Station 1,
  8. Then heads to the Unwinder supporting the new production rates.

Building on our Great Partnership

As we add the HP T490 PageWide Web Press, we are reminded of the outstanding partnership between American Litho and HP. It’s our shared commitment to pairing investing in technological advancements with exceeding customers business goals that has helped us maintain a competitive edge. Highlights of our partnership and American Litho’s commitment to cutting edge technology are captured in this video:

How can American Litho’s commitment to the latest technology help your brand thrive?

Direction of Operations at American Litho, Tony Ferruzza, couldn’t have said it better. “We have been running the T250’s at full capacity, the T490 will fit right in and give us additional capacities to meet the growing needs of our customers”, American Litho has long understood the need to stay one step ahead with technology in order to broaden the marketing reach of our customers. We have the tools and capacity to keep up with the increasing demand. Paired with our Amerlytics™ data suite, these strengths make American Litho the right team to handle the data-driven marketing initiatives that drive your results and improve your ROI. We are excited to show you how we can put the new HP T490 to work for your next project. If you’d like to know more, contact us below. We’re excited to explore the possibilities with you.
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