9 reasons we’re thrilled to be #9 in direct mail rankings

We're #9 in direct mail rankings

On March 21, Bell and Howell published the new DM200 – the first-ever ranking of companies like ours based exclusively on direct mail revenue.

All of us here in Carol Stream sent up a gigantic cheer to see American Litho at #9 on the list of top-flight direct marketers across the U.S.

Why are we proud to be #9? I mean, it doesn’t sound as sexy as #1, does it?

It’s because we know that, by many crucial measures, we have even more to offer our clients than competitors who are higher on the list.

Here are 9 reasons that American Litho is the #1 choice for so many leading brands whose success rests on relevant, fast, economical direct response marketing.

  1. We’re one of only 5 companies in the U.S. who have full-color Hewlett-Packard inkjet imaging heads on our production lines, giving us the power to personalize brand messages in rich, vivid color.
  1. Even though we draw on the talents of 300+ team members to handle your projects, you will have just 1 point of contact for everything you need.
  1. We’re experts in web, sheet-fed, digital and wide-format production, so we can create virtually anything you need: signage, packaging, sales collateral, POP displays and more in addition to your direct mail packages.
  1. We’re minutes, not hours, from the Bolingbrook corridor, where roughly 70% of all direct mail pieces from across the country are processed before heading out to mailboxes nationwide. That means lower logistical costs for you and faster delivery to your customers.
  1. American Litho is growing organically. We continue to build our double-digit annual growth on the foundation of superior service to our clients.
  1. We partner with a strong, diverse portfolio of national and international brands, with no single company representing more than 5% of our revenue. That’s a good sign we’ll be here over the long haul, ready whenever you need us.
  1. We run our company based on what you need, not the other way around. When our clients bring us tough new requirements, we analyze them and reconfigure our capabilities to meet them. Often, this means adding state-of-the-art technology to keep pace. We do what it takes to fulfill your requirements with creativity and cost-effectiveness.
  1. We are creative problem-solvers who can reformat and reimagine your direct response campaigns for greater speed and savings. We ask the right questions up front and make strategic changes that will help your response rates and ROI soar.
  1. We are an emerging omnichannel marketer with new offerings in mobile engagement, webcasting, virtual storefront technology, and much more. So as your needs for integrated marketing solutions grow, we’re moving forward with you.

So, yeah. We think #9 is just great for now, and we sincerely thank Bell and Howell for the recognition. With everything we have to offer, we feel confident our number are bound to change.

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