5 Ways to Boost the Effectiveness of Your Next Direct Mail Campaign

Boost your direct mail campaign

Are you satisfied with the way your 2018 marketing strategy is performing?

At American Litho, we are busy helping clients review where they’ve been this year and determine what improvements they can make. This means making sure that every element of their mail campaigns performs as powerfully as possible – and that the results are easily trackable.

If you’re wondering how you can boost the effectiveness of your own strategy, here are 5 more questions to consider.

1. How fast is your offer arriving in customers’ mailboxes?

Intelligent Mail barcode tracking shows how rapidly your mail package is moving through the USPS system and predicts when it will arrive in-home. Not only does this enable you to measure and improve cycle times, but it also helps you plan for effective follow-up.

Many of our clients mail time-sensitive offers that will be fulfilled through “800” numbers and email systems. Knowing when to prepare for maximum call and email volume – and therefore, when to staff up for excellent customer service — is pivotal to their success.

IMb tracking also helps companies pinpoint the best timing for follow-up campaigns conducted via email or social media. Testing response rates to second touches that land at different intervals after customers have received your mail package will help you improve your results with each successive campaign.


2. Are you measuring the TOTAL response to your mailed offers?

All too often, direct marketers measure the results of their direct mail campaigns in a narrow way, missing the total value and engagement they are actually getting.

There are simple ways to track customer activity after you mail a specific offer. We recommend that our clients use unique “800” numbers, email addresses and promo codes so that all traffic generated by their mailings can be accurately measured. Traffic to specific web pages should also be tracked so that you can see the total picture and adjust your strategy accordingly.

3. Are you taking full advantage of print as a retargeting tool?

Your current marketing strategy probably incorporates digital retargeting. If so, it’s time to consider how adding print can power up your results.

One leading brand we work with is currently launching a campaign that will deliver a postcard to customers who visit specific pages on their website. Our innovative system matches web visitors’ IP addresses with their physical mailing addresses and other key attributes, enabling us to ship targeted offers to their homes within 1-3 days. This puts the unique power of print behind the brand’s digital content to build deeper customer engagement and sales.

4. Does your offer have the greatest possible appeal?

If you’re not taking full advantage of the things print can do that digital and social can’t, you’re missing out. Customers absolutely love the sensory appeal of images they see in print. We offer a full suite of neuromarketing tools that are proven to increase engagement and response rates.

Test campaigns can also help you determine which offer will draw the strongest response. Our digital print capabilities allow you to send small-scale mailings that closely match the quality of full-run campaigns. Based on your results, you can tweak package design and other attributes to further enhance your mail package’s overall appeal.


5. Are you listening to what your customer data tells you?

Recently, a leading consumer goods company asked us to help them compile a mailing list of potential new customers based on a particular set of assumptions. We asked whether they had considered predictive modeling– a technique that mines existing customer data to create a detailed picture of their best customers.

While knowing who is buying products similar to yours is helpful, knowing everything you can about the kinds of customers who are already buying from you is even more powerful. With this model in hand, we can identify thousands, even millions of new customers who fit this same profile. In recent tests, we have been able to boost mailing response rates by double digits with predictive modeling.

If your direct marketing partner isn’t consistently asking you questions like the ones I’ve outlined here, then you may want to talk with us. We never stop asking questions – because we know that, in the current business climate, good enough is NEVER good enough. We are constantly looking for ways to reduce costs, increase performance and deliver maximum value for you.

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