SOC 2 and our commitment to direct mail data security

Commercial Printer with SOC2 Type 1 Compliance

Dun & Bradstreet. InterContinental Hotels. Blue Cross Blue Shield. Deloitte. Sonic. Forever 21. Uber. Verizon. Equifax.

These are just a few of the corporate giants in the news lately following serious data breaches – each one involving thousands, even millions of customer records.

That’s a list we never want to see your company join.

At American Litho, we view the data you entrust to us as a unique and precious asset. Its value cannot be overestimated. Keeping your direct mail data secure is absolutely crucial to us, because we know your company’s good reputation and financial standing depend on it.

As a data-driven marketing organization, we analyze massive data sets for leading brands in all verticals. Advanced techniques such as predictive modeling require us to have full access to our clients’ data resources, which is why data security is a top priority for our entire team.

American Litho recently received its SOC 2 certification report, confirming our total commitment to the security of all customer records you entrust to us. The report comes from Kirkpatrick Price, LLC, a leading CPA firm that performs security and compliance audits for companies across the globe.

American Litho KP-SOC2-Type I Data Security Compliant

“American Litho delivers trust-based services to their clients, and by communicating the results of this audit, their clients can be assured of their reliance on American Litho’s controls,” Joseph Kirkpatrick stated in a press release announcing the report.

So what does this statement really mean in terms of our daily operations?

SOC 2 compliance affirms that we’ve adopted tough, seamless security procedures that anticipate a huge spectrum of potential data security and privacy issues. In their SOC 2 audit, KirkpatrickPrice scrutinized everything from the porousness of our Internet connections to the way people move within our 320,000-square-foot facility. Every electronic pathway that customer data can travel and every physical route that employees and visitors can follow was carefully studied and rated.

The SOC 2 certification report, granted only after we satisfied all requirements, certifies that our data security processes meet or exceed the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ Trust Services Criteria for security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy.

American Litho SOC 2 Compliant AICPA Seal

Here in Carol Stream, there are visible signs of our data security commitment everywhere you look. For example, when you visit, you’ll always travel with a team member sporting an electronic security badge. You’ll hear doors lock behind you as you move through our facility, and you’ll notice that every team member, regardless of job function, is required to wear a security badge. Physical security is backed by strict controls that shape internal HR processes such as recruiting, hiring and training and govern exactly who will have access to your mailing list data and when.

These are tough standards to meet. Not every direct marketer invests the time and energy required to earn SOC 2 credentials. But we feel compliance is a natural step in taking full responsibility for the valuable and sensitive data you share with us.

I welcome your questions about SOC 2 compliance or any aspect of data management and analytics.

If you’d like to talk, please reach out to me directly at 630-462-1700.

Mike Fontana is President and Co-Founder of American Litho.


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