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As the digital marketing landscape continues to shift and evolve, direct mail marketing campaigns continue to emerge as a powerful driver to cut through the digital noise and build brand credibility. Statistics show an average return of investment of 5:1 when employing digital marketing tactics.

How can American Litho help companies utilize both direct mail and digital marketing to capitalize on brand credibility, increased reach, and versatility? We think the answer may be augmented reality.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality, also referred to as interactive print effortlessly unifies direct mail campaigns with digital marketing tools to breathe life into print through every stage and channel of the customer’s journey.

Interactive print works by overlaying digital information, content, and other sensory data onto the printed page to create a captivating and powerful tool for companies and organizations to engage with their customers in new ways while improving print and direct mail performance and aligning print and digital marketing within omnichannel marketing environments.

Interactive print maintains a host of benefits that can contribute to successful, easily measurable outcomes.

These benefits can include:

  • Improved print and direct mail performance
  • Alignment of digital and print marketing assets
  • Effective utilization of campaigns through real-time reporting and enhanced analytics
  • USPS promotions and savings

Incorporate interactive print to increase print and direct mail performance

Interactive print is a functional everyday marketing solution (part of American Litho’s suite of digital marketing tools we call, Amerlytics) that utilizes business print materials to seamlessly engage with customers and measure their journey to develop brand respectability and increase response rates.

And it works.

When QRAR codes are used in direct mail campaigns, the response rate jumps from 2-3% (with no interactive print) to 35%. Plus, 76.6% of recipients responded digitally and 4.5% responded via mail, resulting in increased multi-channel performance and effective measurement of usefulness when testing business reply mail pieces (PI World).

Additionally, when customers interact with products through interactive print, they are (up to) 94% more likely to perform the desired conversion with that product and report (up to) 70% higher levels of memory encoding than non-interactive print interactions (AR Insider and Layered).

AR Experience Types

Ask your American Litho Representative for a detailed explanation of each type. 

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Align digital and direct mail marketing to expand your reach

Digital marketing is a great way to reach people, that’s why we don’t see digital and direct mail campaigns as being in competition with each other. Instead, we see them as complementary tools for your brand’s marketing strategy. With the geotagged content module entire national campaigns can be localized to their specific area with displayed heatmaps, multiple geo targeted experiences and CTAs.

Ask us about our Customer Journey concept we call Priming the Mailbox!

Access real-time reporting to effortlessly adapt interactive print campaigns

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Real-time reporting enables American Litho to make on-the-fly changes to your campaigns. This type of reporting also allows us to collectively assess the effectiveness of your campaign at any point in its lifespan and to proactively update strategies.

Save with USPS Emerging & Advanced Technology Promotion

Augmented Reality is more than just a way to utilize emerging trends—it can also be a cost-effective solution for your print marketing.

The United States Postal Service introduced the Emerging & Advanced Technology Promotion in 2022 to encourage mailers to integrate direct mail with interactive print. Mailers that utilize NFC technology, ViP, “Enhanced” Augmented reality, Virtual Reality and Voice Assistant integration are offered a discount of 2% or 3% depending on the complexity of the employed technology.

In 2023, the USPS promotion will expand to include a Digital Retargeting Module, an intuitive platform that inserts Facebook pixels and Google tags into the WebAR browser to retarget with ads on a desired associated platform. Effortlessly joining targeted social media ads with direct mail improves reach, analytics, and your digital strategy.

And the savings can add up. When comparing the print and mail cost of non-augmented interactive print direct mail and response rates with interactive print-enabled direct mail and response rates, interactive print-enabled direct mail has a significant potential cost per response reduction (up to 85%).

American Litho can help kick-start interactive print campaigns

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Scan the QR code to view AR content – 3D Markerless

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While the benefits are clear – you want to work with an expert when implementing an interactive print campaign. That’s where American Litho comes in, with our interactive print platform that supports Augmented Reality consumer engagement. If you’re ready to explore interactive print direct mail marketing, share a few details and Let’s Talk.

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