Introducing: Bernard Williams, Chief Officer of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at American Litho 

Joined hands for teamwork
American Litho is honored to introduce Bernard Williams, our Chief Officer of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI). Tasked with fostering an all-inclusive environment for all that walk through our doors, Williams will bring his talents and incredible passion for people to our table to connect the dots between honoring diversity and welcoming inclusion across our organization to create a full circle experience filled with opportunity for all. From expanding creative systems and programs to working with our rock star recruiting partners to develop robust opportunities for future team members of every ethnicity, race, gender identity or orientation, Bernard will oversee many facets of our operation, including our onboarding process and various company-wide training and development programs.
Bernard Williams (left) and mentor Earl “Skip” Williams (v3)

Bernard Williams (left) and mentor Earl “Skip” Williams

“Diversity isn’t just about embracing unique perspectives. It’s about respecting and honoring one another not in spite of our differences, but in celebration of them. Each one of us views the world from our own unique lens based on our background, past experiences and future goals. Through this lens, we dream, achieve and work to better ourselves and those around us. We plan to continue to offer a clear view of opportunity for our team, while respecting and utilizing what they see in their lens. My personal goal is to expand even further on our company culture – day in and day out every single team member will feel valued, ideas will be heard and we will all work as one to reach new heights for ourselves and our customers.” Looking for an inclusive environment to see the world through your lens? Contact us about hiring opportunities within our organization. We hope you pull up a seat at our table. READ MORE ABOUT OUR DEI POLICY.
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