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Emphasizing the care in health care marketing: a new series from American Litho

Without a doubt, the last year has brought grueling trials for our nation’s health care providers. Hospital, clinic and medical office teams have worked day and night to keep us healthy, seeking new ways to safely provide care in person, by phone and teleconference.

In the face of these relentless challenges, health care systems have struggled to remain profitable. Elective services, a crucial source of income, fell away as millions of procedures were canceled or rescheduled. And the cost of providing basic care rose sharply as systems retooled processes and procedures to keep both staff and patients safe from the coronavirus.

Which poses a crucial question for health care providers. As we bring the pandemic under control in 2021, will we need new ways to bolster patient trust and engagement — especially in light of continuing worries about rising costs?

At American Litho, we believe the answer is yes. Our point of view is informed by 25 years of success in serving hospital and health care systems, studying what direct response strategies work best.

Seeing a new wave of challenges heading for our health care system, ALitho has strengthened its commitment to medical providers across the country. Right now, we’re offering innovative new programs that focus on what patients say is most crucial to them: the sense that their individual needs will be seen, understood and met by their providers.

Over the next several weeks, we will launch a special edition of the Healthy Revenue Series introduced last spring. We’ll focus on each aspect of health care marketing success, sharing insights that will be crucial for health care systems in the months ahead.

If you’re leading the communications efforts for a health care organization, we welcome your thoughts. We’re ready to share our insights with you and your team on how to emphasize the human dimension in your health care campaigns to establish and maintain a one on one connection.

Putting patients first will drive your success

It’s always been true — but it’s even more crucial now. Patients need to feel a deeper connection with their health care providers. Read more about our commitment to healthcare marketers or if you’re ready to talk about cost-effective ways to strengthen your patient relationships, get in touch with our Health Care Marketing Team now.

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