Case Study: Bridging the gap between direct mail and digital marketing delivers a 300% return on investment!

American Litho How Does Direct Mail Digital More ROI Case Study - American Litho Carol Stream IL Direct Mail to Digital ROI

When it comes to marketing it’s important to see the full picture. Single channel marketing tactics can only provide one perspective on prospects and customers. When direct mail and digital marketing are used in tandem the results prove these tactics are stronger together.

How Does Direct Mail + Digital = More ROI?

Let’s face it, it’s an ever-expanding and crowded digital landscape out there and capturing the attention of your customer via their inbox is becoming increasingly more and more difficult. Did you know that the attention span of the average person had dropped from 12 down to 8 seconds?

So how does American Litho’s hybrid approach capture the eye of your ideal audience? By playing to the strengths of direct mail and digital.

  • Direct mail puts a physical ad in the hands of your customer, which can be used to stimulate responses across a multitude of channels
  • Digital marketing allows you to advertise across multiple platforms and to reach your consumers in the digital places they frequent most

How can you optimize the strengths of direct mail and digital marketing most effectively? That’s where American Litho shines. We can help you combine the power of direct mail and the optimal benefits digital marketing.

This combination will give you a net stronger result and increased ROI through a concept we call *Priming the Mailbox (*ask your American Litho salesman for a full explanation).

The key factor to success is personalization.

  1. According to SmartHQ, 72% of consumers said they respond to personalized marketing materials that resonate with them.
  2. According to Salesforce, 97% of marketers recorded increased business outcomes due to personalization.

When you combine direct marketing with digital marketing, and personalize your materials, you will see a higher ROI.

Direct Mail with Digital Ads yields a 28% higher conversation rate. Source:

Recently, American Litho helped a healthcare customer break through the communication chaos and achieved incredible success by implementing a blended, integrated strategy that combines direct mail and digital marketing.

In the attached case study, you will see how we used multiple touch points with highly personalized messaging to heighten brand awareness, increase loyalty, and positively impact response rates and, ultimately, return on investment.

There are many benefits to combining the forces of direct mail and digital marketing, most notably an increase in spending.

Customers spend 25% more when companies use a combination of direct and digital marketing tactics. Source:

Combining direct mail with digital attracts 39% more attention than a single medium alone. Source:

Using The Right Tools on The Right Channels

American Litho can help you uncover and reach the right audiences. We do this by using our proprietary suite of digital analytic tools we call Amerlytics.

With Amerlytics, we can give you a strategic advantage by…

  1. Sending timely messages to your customers with our addressable geofencing technique.
  2. Retargeting strategies for print and digital.
  3. State-of-the-art predictive modeling that can help you home in on an audience or find one that you didn’t know you had. Ask us how we helped Stitch Fix find 4 million new customers.

Combined campaigns can positively impact conversions by increasing awareness, the amount of attention spent engaging with your brand, and delivering higher yields of sales and customer engagement.

You get to see how we combined different print and digital methods to target a particular segment of the audience called new movers. This strategy significantly increased response and return on investment.

Get the most out of your next marketing campaign and read our latest case study and start optimizing your marketing spend to increase your ROI today.

Looking to gain more personalized attention from your audience? Ask us about how our digital print platform is the key to creating highly personalized, 100% variable direct mail that works.


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