AmeriCard Custom Gift Cards
AmeriCard Custom Gift Cards

AmeriCard is your new, complete and sustainable gift card marketing solution with projects executed flawlessly from start to finish – all under our roof.

Our fully-integrated operations allow for a seamless, secure experience, and our team of experts are able to develop tailor-made systems and giftable solutions for your brand to ensure constant innovation, convenience and quality.

Let us put the power of our process behind your brand to reach new heights.

57% of consumers are willing to change their purchasing habits to help reduce negative environmental impact.

Reduce Waste,
Increase Accountability
Over-indulgent packaging is a grand-scale issue and retailers are one of the leading contributors to both the problem and now, the solution. Traditional gift card plastics are made up of highly toxic materials, rendering recycling impossible. Because of this, an estimated 75 Million Tons card plastic enters the waste stream per year and according to a recent report conducted by Oceana, packaging waste from a single powerhouse leader amasses over 465 Million Tons of toxic waste into our oceans in the last year alone. Many industry powerhouses in the retail sector not only recognize the issue, but have rapidly begun addressing it by developing new packaging solutions, turning to eco-friendly card and packaging options to better serve their customers in a responsible way.
Customers care about the eco-efficiency of the products they choose to purchase, and major market leaders are making it an immediate priority to reduce unnecessary and inefficient packaging and increasing quality of materials not only for the direct environmental impact, but also for the feel-good purchasing power this type of solution has the power to wield when it comes to customers.

Millennials are more sustainability-conscious than their forebears, and are eager to demonstrate this publicly through their buying habits. 70% would pay a premium of 35 percent, on average, for brands that are sustainable and environmentally responsible.

Sustainable, Because it Matters

Our giftable solutions offer this sought-after sustainability element, utilizing both paper and other eco-conscious substrates to ensure a balanced level of sustainability, functionality and operational efficiency needed to get the job done right, as environmentally-friendly as ever before.

Brand Loyalty,
Unparalleled Exposure
Each gift card unlocks an opportunity for major brand exposure. Offering a tailored, experiential card to your customers opens the door to greater customer loyalty, the acquisition of new customers and cash flow for your business. Our team understands and adapts to the rapidly changing market trends to help guide customers into the future of gifting with specialties including:

Specialty Substrates and Print Techniques Including Unique Die Cuts

For Eye-Catching Cards Designed for the Eco-Conscious Consumer


Increasing Opportunities for Special Occasions

Multiple Card Designs

Appeal to Disparate Demographics, Without Compromising Brand Consistency

Premium Packaging

Unique presentation to make gifting an experience

Limited Edition Premium Cards

High-end, luxury build to create exclusivity and excitement

American Litho continually invests in technology and innovation our AmeriCard gift card product line is no exception. With streamlined production capabilities, our world-class creative team and format design departments, we’re always going to be pushing the envelope help our clients improve and grow their business.

Joe Turba,

Director of National Accounts

Our Award-Winning Service, Expanded
Regarded as one of the nation’s best in the specialty print industry, our team brings cutting-edge strategies and unparalleled creativity to our cards division, helping our customers cut through the noise of a crowded market.

Your product will be handled with care from development to delivery – all under one roof with a single point of contact. Our fully-integrated process allows for complete solutions, eliminating the need for multiple partners on one project. In hand, this eliminates concerns of fraud, miscommunication, disorganization and other common concerns. AmeriCard brings a sense of ease and convenience to what is a traditionally cloudy process.

From start to finish, we serve as a full-service partner handling your brand with consistency care, and security at each step with offerings including:


Insert Media


Direct Mail Integration


“American Litho’s proven excellence in other categories lends to a natural next step in launching these service to pair powerfully with one another” 

Our Service Offers Unique Advantages
Consistent Investment in New Technologies, Equipment and Processes to Keep Your Offerings Fresh
A “Just in Time” Solution to Create Ease in Ordering – You’ll Never Miss Out on a Sale Due to Lack of Inventory
Variable Data Printing
Finishing Options
Data Security

Solutions We Offer

We provide custom card solutions, allowing maximum creativity and freedom for your brand with Gift Cards and Loyalty Cards for B2B, In-Store and Third Party customers.

CR-80 Cards

CHL – 10 2 panel with short fold


In addition to a standout quality card, American Litho offers complete custom solutions for a variety of cards and accessories to suit your needs and highlight your branding including:

Cards (CR80, M6, diecut, keytags)
Envelopes & Sleeves
Secure Wrap
Inline Gifting Carriers
Gift Card Packaging
Direct Marketing / Direct Mail
Creative Services, Graphic Design, Format Design


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