Peter Goss, Mahesh Krishnan, Jeff Banks, Joe Turba (left to right), American Litho Gift Card Team

Thinking of improving your brand’s gift card offerings? Our team’s got you covered. With over 50 years experience combined working with some of the nation’s leading retailers and brands on innovating their gift card experience for their customers, the team at ALitho knows what it takes to build a successful, profitable and responsible product offering that resonates and stands out on the shelf.

Gift Card on American Litho production line

From Gift Card of the Year Awards to disrupting the card industry entirely by using lean manufacturing to drive down lead times by nearly half, the team ALitho has assembled to lead the innovative cards division on the day to day is nothing short of stellar. They’ve worked with top major retailers, fast food chains, grocery chains and more to help them increase user experience, operational efficiency and overall brand loyalty.

What does a successful Gift Card campaign look like, you may ask? We pooled our team for their top signs of a standout partnership to help you understand why a reinvigorated approach may be beneficial for your brand.

  • Customization is Key
    • One card version is not fit for all. Often campaigns lack versatility, and providing a generic gift card that doesn’t make a statement when it comes to special events often leads to a loss of sale. We believe in leveraging customization where effective as a tool to build stronger, more personal relationships with your customer.
  • Everyone is Accountable, and the Process is Seamless
    • Working with multiple vendors in multiple locations, with multiple teams, in multiple time zones can get messy. We partner our customers with a single point of contact so that the campaign is being managed the right way, right when you need it. Alleviating stress wherever possible, we provide guidance in every phase of production from art approvals to distribution.
  • Return is a Priority
    • In addition to meeting every need internally from manufacturing to final shipment, a successful campaign should meet every need of the consumer as well. We believe Gift Cards are mini billboards for your brand, and with this we want to help drive and increase your revenue on card-related sales while exceeding expectations of your customers to increase loyalty long-term.
  • Forward-Thinking to the Future
    • ALitho has identified the customer demand to replace PVC cards with sustainable substrates, and a successful campaign is certainly one that looks to the future health of our environment. Additionally, adapting quickly to other trends is another sign of success. Some our team have recently identified are: selling more physical gift cards to drive traffic direct to website, as well as unique secure carriers or wraps outside of the cards themselves.

Meet the American Litho Gift Card Team

Joe Turba, Director of National Accounts

Joe Turba Director of National Accounts American Litho Gift Cards

Joe Turba has managed accounts in the print industry for over 20 years, the most recent 10 years in the closed loop card industry.  His wealth of knowledge and understanding of the industry and voice of the customer is impactful in helping American Litho make the right investments in order to support our clients’ initiatives.  


Peter Goss, Corp Director of Safety and Quality

Jeff Banks - American Litho Gift Card

Peter has 14 years in card related quality, safety management and compliance, his Lean Six Sigma Black Belt will bring greater levels of efficiency to each American Litho Gift Card project.  


Jeff Banks, Director of Manufacturing and Corporate Operations

Peter Goss - American Litho Gift Card

Jeff brings 14 years of operational sales and process leadership excellence to the team.


Mahesh Krishnan, Senior Data Engineer

Mahesh Krishnan - Gift Card - American Litho

Mahesh is an 18 years veteran in card related manufacturing and data, with 15 years in data management and automation technologies, as well as corporate data management.


Most importantly, it’s crucial to work with a partner you trust. We are proud to be able to provide all of the nuts and bolts needed for a successful campaign in house, so that we can place our focus on building a relationship that lasts and brings real results for your brand, time and time again.

American Litho Gift Card Team with Joe Turbo

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